Fairy Tales Can Come True

beachcloudsFairy Tales Can Come True…

So the Daily Prompt asks us to write an ABOUT ME page of the future ~ 10 years from now.  Here goes…

About Me:

If someone had told me 10 years ago when I began blogging that I would have been able to have yet another dream come true, I would have felt grateful for their positivity and would have tried to believe that Fairy Tales Can Come True.  It’s not that I am not a positive person, nor that I don’t subscribe to beliefs, affirmations and belief in the Laws of Attraction.  I most certainly do.  But I had already had a few of my dreams come true so I figured it was enough.  But God/Universe/Life had other plans for me and I am truly grateful for what I have received and been able to share with others.  For I have seen my dreams explode in a way that I could never have imagined, they have developed world wide which helped me to return to my love of traveling internationally as well.  I guess that’s what happens when you continually try to stay on the path of your red carpet!

This is my third work opportunity come true ~ the first being find a job out of college where all I wished for was to use my Spanish (I didn’t care what else it entailed ~ I went into banking, then sold tennis racquets internationally),  and then my second was that I wanted to be a role model for students who were studying the Spanish language I was teaching them so I became a teacher to teenagers which was an amazing time in my life ~ and  then I had a dream I would survive the breast cancer that riddled my body as well as my life and check ~ that dream came true.

Then I was dream-less for awhile.  Lazy, hazy days of hmmm…what do I want to accomplish?  I’m simply a ship bobbing along the surface of the sea without oars, just knowing that I wanted to make a world-wide difference in the lives of others.  I wanted to find a way to help them to heal their lives by teaching baby steps on which to find peace.  And then it happened.  My prayers were answered, my dreams came true!  I received The Presents of Presence that I’d been sending out ~ they came back a hundred fold, a thousand fold and I am forever grateful to all of you for sticking with me, for sharing my presents and for sending out love and receiving the love that I was sending to all of you.  Thank you to all of you!  I am forever grateful!

Shine On!


Daily Prompt: About Page of the Future

Write the About page for your blog in 10 years.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUTURE.


32 thoughts on “Fairy Tales Can Come True

  1. What a lovely post! I am so glad that your other dreams came true, especially surviving cancer. It is great that your latest dream came true too and that you are able to share with others, and they can be inspired by your writing. It is such a selfless and generous dream.
    It is also nice to know about the Spanish and what you did with it! It is one of my favourite languages 🙂 I will be going to some charity projects in Argentina soon. I haven’t spoken Spanish for quite a while y necesito practicar mucho!! 😉

    Thank you for all that you share though your blog!

  2. I enjoyed your post, and learning more about your dreams and journey. Thank you! May your dreams come true, or better yet, may what actually happen be far greater than you ever dreamed possible.

  3. i did not choose to write about this today on my blog but it intrigued me and I was happy to read a blog where someone wrote about it. I guess your dreams will have been accomplished in 10 years!!! 🙂 Coming over from YeahWrite—we are row mates today!!!! Great job at the NaBloPoMo challenge!

    • Thank you Beth Ann! I have heard that if you write yourself a letter for 10 years in the future, outlining what you are grateful for and what you have accomplished, it’s like the Law of Attraction helps you to achieve it. So that was my impetus in writing this post. I am happy we are connecting though yeahwrite!

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