Like Grains of Sand


My Life is Like the Beach

Bazillions of grains of sand on the beach is like my life ~ trillions of moments that pass through my life, some like stones and others like the waves washing over the beach.  Connecting the dots, the moments, the memories, and the people that like the sea, ebb and flow in my life is what I like to do ~ to reminisce and to make new memories, new connections, new friendships.  I guess that’s why I like to blog.  Just this morning, a blogger wrote about ‘walkabout’ and I was reminded that she is from Australia, which reminded me of Crocodile Dundee, which in turn connected me to the memory of living in Spain and traveling through Europe with a friend…we met many Aussies and ended up traveling with 2 for a few days.  In fact, when I returned to the States, one of them came to visit me and I took him to see New York City!  We had such a lovely time, but we fell asleep on the train going back to NJ and ended up stuck at a train station at 2am with no taxis to bring us home.  I called a friend who lived nearby and he came to pick us up.  What a memorable night.  We laughed about it as Tim (the Aussie) and I had fought over who was allowed to fall asleep on the train ride and we both ended up sleeping!  Now how’s that for a crazy string of connections?

So do you see what I mean?  One happenstance word brought on such a string of connections to my memory bank and ended up making me smile this morning!  Has this ever happened to you?  Surely the Daily Prompt today may bring out a string of connections as well since that’s today’s post.  It’s like there only needs to be that spark of recognition in order for the memory to ignite in our brains and take off like a rocket!  Sometimes the rocket brings us to outer space where it’s all stars and moonbeams and sometimes it can lead us down into the path of darkness and (yikes) ugly memories.  Such is life I guess.

I try for the most part, to concentrate on the good in my life.  Sure, there’s been bad.  I won’t deny it.  But there’s also been such good in my life that it outweighs the heavy, sad baggage that I’ve carried for years.  Do you feel that way too?  Wouldn’t you rather be lighthearted and happy and grounded than be weighted down by the negativity that can immerse you in its depths of darkness?  Wouldn’t you rather comb the beach for the colorful shells of happy memories than to drag a bag of brokenness behind you, allowing it to weigh you down?

In my life, I’ve chosen to comb the beach without weight  Sure, I know what I’ve endured and many of my readers know a bit of my story too.  Heck we all have stories!  But it’s what we do with those experiences, that knowledge that is the important part.

We are all like grains of sand on the beach living and breathing close by, connecting when the sea of sadness scoops us up in its wave, only to be later deposited back on the beach.  We can keep rolling with the waves or we can be stuck under the water, drowning in our own sadness.  It’s your choice.  It’s up to you.  Me, I’m up on shore, waiting for that wave to ride and then come back to my proper place…by your side.

Honestly, I just let my fingers talk today so I haven’t a clue what this post is really about so please forgive me.  I hope it speaks to whom it’s supposed to today.. thanks for understanding.  Big hugs to you!

Shine On!



Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a CONNECTION.


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15 thoughts on “Like Grains of Sand

  1. Love the photo…such beauty in all those little grains, like each of us. I also love this line in your post: I’ve chosen to comb the beach without weight. Something light and positive about it that inspires me. I do have streams of consciousness like you shared…the mind is a very interesting thing…as is the language we use to capture the occurrences of our lives. Thanks for this delicious post!

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