Out of My Comfort Zone



I started something which is straight out of my comfort zone ~ I mean this is such a stretch that I don’t even know where this trail is going to take me, but I’m ready.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I”m uncertain, but I’m certain that this is my red carpeted journey come to life.  You see, I decided to join many other bloggers on the NaNoWriMo and the NaBloPoMo month-long event.

I changed my gravatar and tweaked my blog background in response to changing and stretching…so join me as I blog every day in November and try to write 50,000 words by the end of November!  It’s a big challenge ~ however it feels right for me so I’m doing it!  It’s free, it’s motivational and who knows where it will lead me ~ or lead you!  Come on ~ Anyone else want to get in on getting in touch with your Inner Hotshot and stretching out of your comfort zone?  Let me know below and we can pal up!

Feel free to come along with me!  There’s plenty of room!

Reach out to Rarasaur ~ click here

  as she will give you step by step instructions!  Thanks Rara!

Click here to check out YeahWrite NaBloPoMo

Click here for BlogHer NaBloPoMo

Shine On!


34 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. Way to go! I am rooting for ya. I didn’t play last year, but this time I am going for it come what may. Don’t forget to use the prompts if you get stuck along the way and kick me in the blogging butt if you notice me slacking too :p

  2. Love your new gravatar. It’s purdee & bright!
    Best to you in the challenge. This reminds me of back in the days of school when we had to write using x amt of words. I tried my best – but – defaulted a lot to verys. LOL

  3. Hey, I joined it to, at Rara’s encouragement. I’m not sure I can keep up. Been up to my eyeballs with work, and some work drama ;-(. But, I will give it a go! I’m glad to see you’re in my “column.”

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