Welcome to Your Red Carpet


“Perhaps the world little notes nor long remembers individual acts of kindness, but people do.”
Author, Herm Albright

For those of you who enjoy an image for the day, here’s yours ~ this is your path today.  It’s your red carpet, strewn with bits of golden blessings.  Nature’s trees stand tall as sentries, lining your soft path ~ protecting you as you go about your life purpose today.   You can walk your path without worry.  The green canopy above acts like angel’s wings helping you to stay on your chosen path to do your highest good!

Enjoy every baby step you take today ~ enjoy the leaps and skips and hops that add sparkle to your steps!  Dance to the music in your head!  Go on, be happy!  Be kind!  Be YOU!

So swing your legs out of your bed, imagine your golden red carpet ahead & get on with your day! 

This is going to be a beautiful one for sure because you’re in it!

Shine On!


21 thoughts on “Welcome to Your Red Carpet

  1. I think there may be some happy little birds
    In those trees 🙂
    You’re awesome. See, we don’t gave to try so hard to follow someone else’s path.
    I love the visualizations. I did that with Gina.
    That was how I started healing deeply.
    Powerful when they come from inside ourselves.
    Have a great day, my friend.

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