Being Famous For the Right Reasons

76796766_Joshua Miele

Our lives are chock full of inspiring people, don’t you think?  Sometimes I think we forget how powerful we truly can be ~ perhaps we only learn our true inner strength when we are faced with tragedy beyond our comprehension.  It is in those moments which we can decide to reach above and beyond our own creative sources to fulfill our true purpose.  To shine above and beyond our human bodies and to witness the differences we can make in our own lives and in others ~  To turn tragedy into triumph!

I recently found Josh’s story and the reason I felt I had to share it was because of this line:  “I’d like to be as famous as the next person would, but I want to be famous for the right reasons, for the work I’ve done and not for some stupid thing that happened to me 40 years ago,” Josh said.

Please meet Josh Miele. 

Click Here to read his story.

Be Inspired ~ Shine On!



4 thoughts on “Being Famous For the Right Reasons

  1. Thank you for this post, Misifusa. It is haunting, heart-warming, and inspiring all at the same time. What a great spirit this man has. It transcends the physical, and elevates the vision of many who experience him.

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