Grumpy Cat ~ Michelle’s Pet Challenge

grumpycatGrumpy Cat

This is Grumpy Cat ~ aka Tardar Sauce ~ aka the famous Grumpy Cat from her own website click here!  I thought it would be cute to highlight her since this week includes October 15 which is National Grouch Day.  Did you know that?  Yup, it’s official ~ with Sesame Street leading the way Sesame-Street-magazine-declares-Oct-15-National-Grouch-Day  with my favorite character!

I know, I know.  You just can’t believe that Oscar the Grouch was my favorite Sesame Street character growing up, but he was is!  Isn’t that funny?  I even had the Oscar the Grouch puppet which I wore on my hand for a long time!  I wonder if he’s still in my childhood room’s closet along with all of my other toys?  But then, I digress.  That’s certainly a post for another day.

oscarthegrouchForgive me, but I just had to include him ~ I find him so very lovable!

If your pet is special, why not join Michelle’s Pet Photo Challenge?  Click here to have some pet photo fun!  Thanks to Hope the Happy Hugger!

Happy National Grouch Day (a day late!) 🙂

Shine On!


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