When Life is a Little Stormy

75629308_when life is a little stormy, you can count on me.

Have you ever felt like life is stormy?  That it’s not just the weather which is gloomy, but you yourself as well?    What do you do about it?

Do you….

  • have a pajama day and stay home, not leaving the house? 
  • call a friend or family member? 
  • log in online and blog? 
  • search for a ray of sunshine amongst blog posts, emails or Facebook snippets? 
  • pick up a feel good book to read? 
  • choose to watch mindless television? 
  • reach out for some fur therapy from your pet or some hugs from friends and family? 
  • take a walk and get some endorphins moving? 
  • wade through the storm, allow the tears to flow and just be with the emotions?
  • find an oldie, but goodie movie to lift your spirits?
  • eat chocolate or some forbidden goodies?
  • get dressed up and go out?
  • smile at yourself in the mirror, hoping to change how you feel?
  • pick yourself up by the ‘bootstraps’ and just move on?

What is it that you do?

Please share so that we can get some ideas!

Shine On!


P.S.  At the moment, I’m not stormy, but the weather is changing to Nor’easter status here!

17 thoughts on “When Life is a Little Stormy

  1. When I feel like my life is stormy, I like to talk to my friends and family. They always lift my spirits by rebooting my attitude with positive feedback, love, and support. If I can’t get in contact with them, eating ice cream and writing makes me happy (and my stomach too!)

  2. So timely, I had just decided to “stay put” today and skip the rain when I saw your post. My big plan is to: (1) chug some Advil, (2) snuggle under the covers with my remote (Hulu/NetFlix streaming suggestions welcome), (3) play some on-line scrabble on my tablet, and (4) roll to the cafe in front of my apartment for some comfort food. Most of the time, I would just “put my game face on” and hit the field (aka my office).

    • ML ~ I am so proud of you for taking care of yourself! A little TLC now and again is always beneficial to the soul. Perhaps a little comforting chicken soup too? I made a pot last night ~ too bad we live so faraway as I would bring you some. xo

  3. Sometimes I like to take a pillow, lie on the couch and watch the stuff I recorded (I don’t watch that much TV, but even better, a lovely hug from my littlest daughter makes me feel better instantly. 🙂

  4. Depending on the severity of the storm, a little of everything you mentioned. In the end after a good ole fashioned pity party I turn to the Lord for guidance on what to do next, where to go, or how to get out of the storm. Lately I have been “busy” – doing everything without doing anything just staying busy with mindless things so I don’t think and now that I am slowing down I am getting my bearings straight again with time alone spent with God and finding direction for my life. I guess you can say these past few months my life has been one of a nor’easter and a category 5 hurricane merging over my life – How thankful I am that the Lord’s anchor is strong enough to keep me still in these rough waters of grief.

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