Do you Cha Cha?

76342530_Optimist:  Someone who figures taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a cha-cha! – Unknown

I recently found this quote and I just love it!  It’s one of those ‘keepers’ that allows you to change the way you look at your life’s journey.  For me, I know mine is full of cha-cha steps!  Woo Hoo ~ I just love to dance!  So next time you feel like life is not all baby steps forward, just allow your Inner Hotshot a little cha cha and keep going!   Dancing’s always a great spirit lifter!

Cheers to the Cha Cha!

Shine On!


19 thoughts on “Do you Cha Cha?

  1. Love this. 🙂
    Been experimenting with being still and moving.The back step..interesting 🙂 I sure know about those.. And then there is this whole thing about other dimensions..that aren’t even forward or back..
    So much to explore, truly.

  2. Dancing makes me happy. Hubby and I were quite the dancers in our day. As “elders” and/or “seniors”, Hubby shies away now. The joy of dancing was “rebirther” this summer when I took an Aqua Zumba class at the YMCA. Now, I have salsa, latin and hip hop music downloaded on my IPAD and we are blessed to have a pool as well as live in Florida, so I can practice my Aqua Zumba every day if I so desire. This “seasonedsistah” wants to keep on moving and enjoying life.

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