Sincerest Apologies


Regrets?  I’ve had a few.  I wish I had had the courage many times to say how I felt instead of allowing those feelings to brew inside and to fester.  I regret that I allowed situations that were detrimental to me to impact my life in such a huge way.  I regret that I allowed what others thought of me to steer my thoughts instead of thinking about myself with confidence.

There was a time when I lived freely, without fear.  This is such a transitional time for me, a somehow belated growth spurt perhaps, but one filled with growing aches and pains.  It’s not easy for most to find themselves, but I am willing to stick my neck out.  The last few years have been strewn with health issues and now that I’ve been given the go ahead to get on with my life, I am giving myself the huge butt kick to do so ~ to live my life the way I choose, without worrying about what others think, even when met with the silent treatment.

And perhaps they don’t think what I believe they think ~ who knows.  I was too fearful before to reach out to ask as I believed that it was always my fault.  But perhaps their opinions can just be their opinions and I can be ok with that part.  I will do what I believe best for me and for my family.  I accept help and advice, but please give it in a kind way.  Sometimes the way advice is given is hurtful.  I appreciate hearing how to do things better, but I do not want to compete with anyone.

I am me.  Fllaws and all.  Take me or leave me.  I’m doing my best which is all anyone can ask of me.

Shine On!


20 thoughts on “Sincerest Apologies

  1. It’s sometimes hard to hear the whispers of our hearts when we are trying to be something others expect us to be. Reminds me of one of those short videos I get in my email. I will post it. 🙂
    Love to you –
    The cat is stuck behind the TV – Gotta rescue 🙂

  2. Something I learnt years back was the importance of speaking out or things fester inside and cause other health issues… I also learnt that at times you do have to think about what you are going to say so as to not to blurt it out the wrong way!! I feel such a feeling of release though when I have opened up about what is upsetting me… For years I just stored it all inside!!,

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