Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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Tiffy and Jack

Tiffany aka Tiffy is our 5 year old American Bobtail kitten ~ whoops, cat ~ although I still think of her as a kitten.  Probably because she was Chessie’s sister and to diferentiate the girls, I called Chessie who passed at almost 17 yrs old in March our cat, and Tiffy the kitten.  At 5 she is still as spry as ever and gets into trouble at times.  To me she is just a joy and my best pal and shadow.  We hang together often at the house now that my ‘first born’ Chessie has passed away.  I still miss my Chessie and Tiffy can’t take her place, but it’s comforting to have Tiffy’s soft furry warm self nearby!

Jack is a goldfish as you can see above.  He was a feeder goldfish that the kids won at a fair.  He had 2 brothers ~ Manny and Moe, but last year, they died, one after the other.  But Jack’s still swimming!  If memory serves correctly he is now over 2 years old which I think in fish years is 20! 🙂

Every morning, Tiffy hops up to hang with her favorite aquatic pal while I make some coffee.  In fact, she and Jack bond and remind me in not so subtle ways that it’s their breakfast time too!  Tiffy meows loudly while Jack swims to the surface, opening and closing his mouth, hoping to catch my eye as he does the morning breakfast wiggle.  FEED ME!!!

So, I happily oblige after giggling at their antics!  It’s their sure-fire way to start my day off right!  I open the drawer, take out the fish food and as I take a pinch to sprinkle over the top of Jack’s bowl, Tiffy makes sure that she gets her little snout into the container and licks a little bit of the flakes too!

By that time, Mommy’s coffee is ready and we are all happy!  As I walk to the refrigerator for a bit of cream, I pass by Tiffy’s bowl and feed her too!

Finally, I can sit and relax and enjoy the dawn of a new day!

Do you have pets that make your morning brighter?

Shine On!


Thanks Michelle for the new weekly challenge!

38 thoughts on “Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  1. This post made me smile because we are such animal lovers here, too. I am cracking up at your story about Jack because I always thought fish were personality-free until a few fish ago. We had a couple fish and I swear one of them strongly preferred my hubby and the other chose me. It was the funniest thing (despite my lingering belief that the other fish chose poorly because I am the one who did the feeding!) (but I was also the one who did the cleaning so that may have strained our relationship as it must be disconcerting to watch your home be dumped into a bucket every couple of weeks). Love the pics. Love the post. Love you!!! :). Xoxo

  2. Such a beautiful kitty…. We have Princess Esmerelda, a paranoid introverted cat who was rescued by my daughter when she lived in South Carolina. She stays in the basement most of the time where it is cool, but since we have remodeled our kitchen, she thinks I installed the island for her to sleep on. She is a strange cat and likes hard surfaces as opposed to soft blankets and kitty beds.
    She hangs around in the morning and then slinks off to the dungeon!

  3. I’ve never been keen on cats, but my daughter brought hers around last night and insisted I cuddle and kiss him, which I did and it was wonderful! He looks just like your cat, too. These are beautiful pictures.

    • Lucky you with Chrissy! 🙂 Tiffy likes to play with Jack ~ notice the extra topper? She was ‘fishing’ at first and drinking out of the fishbowl before the top went on. Now she thinks it’s very heavy so she doesn’t try to do it anymore!

  4. I have always loved my pets, though both of my dogs have recently passed after just such a lifetime of comforting habits. Where I live now, there is a bird sanctuary behind my back yard from which 100’s of birds take flight every morning at dawn. It is a magnificently choreographed sight and (when I’m up early) I absolutely love to connect with that beautiful soaring energy! Thanks for the adorable pictures!

  5. Your baby is adorable so is the goldfish! We have 4 dogs here to brighten our days and to drive us to distraction!! They are our little furry children.

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