Counting What Counts


“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

(Sign hanging in Einstein’s office at Princeton)

Happy Saturday!  Happy last day of August ~ oh my, where has the summer gone to this year?  It’s just inconceivable to me this morning that we’re counting down the last days of summer freedom before school begins.  I know some of you already have children in school which is a mixed blessing/curse.  For myself, I don’t want to lose the freedom of summer and the joy of being with my children, but on the other hand, I feel the intense need for a bit of routine in my life.  So I welcome a bit of routine and Mommy time without feeling guilty (because when the kids are in school, I can’t feel guilty if I need a little bit of ME TIME because they’re not here anyway!)  But on the other hand, I enjoy the vagueness of summertime ~ there’s no set time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The athletics are at a minimum so we aren’t tied to practices, games etc.  We can veg out all day or be on the go ~ it’s whatever suits our moods!

I saw this quote today and just thought it was perfect to think about ~ I’d love for you to share what it means to you!  You all bring so much joy and learning to my life.  When I count my blessings, I count you too!  I hope you enjoy the last vestiges of summer (or winter if that’s where you live).  My hope is that you simply enjoy your day!

Make Today Count!

Kindness.  Generosity.  Love.  Gratitude.  Faith.  Hope.  Courage.

Shine On!


14 thoughts on “Counting What Counts

  1. There are times when I can count a thousand reasons why I should not do something I really want to do — and not one of those reasons counts.

    There are countless obstacles to reaching a goal, and not one of them counts

    and I can’t count the ways I love — it is infinite and impossible to count. 🙂

    Have a beautiful last day of summer daze!

  2. Maybe we can take a little of the feeling of doing what suits us in summer with us.
    My daughter is enjoying some down time after starting school. It is going really well. 🙂
    It means saying no to some stuff for us and not over scheduling and trying to be a little kinder to each other when we are all tired.
    Inspiring as always. ♡L

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