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My younger son (not pictured above) went through a stage where he cried ~ a lot!  Things just got to his little heart and he just broke down in tears.  I remember when this stage happened because it felt like he cried daily (which he probably did) and everyone in our family was getting aggravated with him, including me.  But then one day I asked him why he cried so much and he simply said, “It feels good,” and I immediately understood.  Sometimes for me, it just feels good to have a good ol’ cry.  Not a cry of personal pain, just a good cry to clean out the tear ducts.

Have you ever just cried?

I love to watch all types of movies, but some of my favs are the ones which make me cry no matter how many times I watch them.  I thought I’d list them but I can’t think of any except Steel Magnolias which is one that I first saw in the movie theater with my Mom.  I laughed, I cried and I loved along with all of the characters.  Titanic is also a good tearduct cleaner as is Gone With the Wind for me.  All of which I’ve seen numerous times.  Schindler’s List is another which brings out the tissues.

My husband just doesn’t understand why I would watch and rewatch these movies when they come on HBO.  Why would I endure the sadness when I adore being happy?

Why you ask?  Well, sometimes it just feels good to get out of my skin and into the mind of another ~ understand and empathize with their issues ~ connect, cry and then return to my own life.  Refreshed as it were ~ ready to meet my next challenge.

When was the last time you were moved to tears?  You know that I just cried the other day when I had the MRI/MRA tests because I wrote about it here! which by the way, came back as normal as they can so that’s good news.  Yup, I cried when they came back normal too!  Guess the tearducts needed a really good wash out!

Shine On!


Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.


26 thoughts on “Daily Post ~ Moved to Tears

  1. I adore this post. As an avid crier, lately not the cleaning the duct kind, more of a leaky valve, but I so sympathize or empathize with you (and your little guy-I had one of those too). On movie that always makes me cry is Step Mom. There are 100s more, but I saw that one again recently (for the eleventieth time) and it’s fresh in my mind. And I love that you’ve cried recently for GOOD reason…that’s always a good feeling. Almost as wonderful as a good ol’ belly laugh. xoxo

  2. I’m glad your results are good! I hate crying because it makes my face and eyes all puffy and I get a headache! Laughing does me good though. I love a good laugh. That does it for me.

  3. Glad to hear of the good test results – and completely understand crying whether happy or sad! I’ve come to the conclusion that crying is my heart’s way of talking to me. Sometimes I cry and I’m not sure why – perhaps because it feels good and right. When I’m really not sure, I just slow down and listen inside. Here’s to a good cry!

  4. I rarely cry and have always been that way for some reason. Although some movies make me cry. “Love Story” is the first one that comes to mind for me as that always makes you teary-eyed. Glad to hear about the good test results 🙂

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  6. I’m glad for your good news! Thank you for sharing it.
    I like how you describe the feeling of connection with others when you cry such tears. And how you feel refreshed afterwards.

  7. So happy to hear your test came out well…

    On the movie front, in addition to those you mentioned, City of Angels makes me cry… like my soul is taking a shower.

    If your a classic movie gal, I recommend an Affair to Remember… which is the movie referenced throughout Sleepless in Seattle. It is actually a remake of an even earlier movie, Love Affair. Warren Beatty and Annette Benning did a remake of Love Affair in the 1990s, which was excellent too.

  8. I cry easily when I watch sappy movies. And yes, i love sappy movies. Some of my favorite go to films are “The Family Stone,” “Love Affair” and its original “An Affair To Remember” or even. “Sleepless in Seattle.”. Ya, I’m crying when Meg Ryan’s character is crying! it’s embarrassing. But tears don’t come so easily when my pain is deep. I can’t seem to cry when my hurt is great. I wish it were so simple to just do it.

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