August 1st


August 1st ~ Rabbit Rabbit

“May the Sun always shine through your clouds.” ~ The Presents of Presence

Happy First of August ~ wowza!  The month of July has simply flown by for me!  Has it done the same for you?  With one month of summer left here, I just thought I’d give a reminder to say, Rabbit-Rabbit today for luck the whole month through ~ and to remind you to look for the sunshine even when life is cloudy.

Have a lovely day!

Shine On!


15 thoughts on “August 1st

  1. Summer is over here, darn it. My teacher husband is back at work and mt daughter starts kindergarten in a week. I am gonna take a short break from blogging to get her on schedule.
    Keep shining.
    I will take another look at the meditation cards soon or in a bit.
    Thanks again for that.
    Much peace –

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