Monday’s Wish

32867_Make a Difference…TODAY ~ and Everyday!

It’s Monday.  I know, I know.  I feel the same way this morning.  But when I found this card, I thought ~ Voila!  My inspiration for the day!  I am going to make a difference today and I want you to come along with me and do the same thing!  Puuullleease?

I try to make a difference everyday ~ even if it’s only taking the bug out of my house and putting him outside instead of squashing him because he’s invaded my home.  Because in doing so, I am making a very big difference in that bug’s life.  Silly I know, but I think sometimes we get bogged down with the idea that we have to make some grandiose universal gesture in order to make a difference.  But we don’t.

We can make a difference with the slightest change of our thinking, our actions,  our words and our intentions.

So today as you go about your routine, perhaps you can spread a little kindness.  Hold the door open for the person behind you.  Smile at a passerby.  Look the clerk in the eye at the store when you purchase something.  Leave some wildflowers at a neighbor’s house.  Bake a cake for an elderly person.  Pay the toll for the person behind you.  Let someone go ahead of you in line.  Hug your family.  Tell someone that you love them, that you appreciate them and how you truly feel.  Give a compliment to someone.

There are so many ways we can easily make a difference!  There are thousands more ways ~  will you join me today?  Let me know below what you did! 

Shine On!


11 thoughts on “Monday’s Wish

  1. So true –
    It’s the little things…our presence is what’s big.. I often have to take the bugs outside because my little on is a nature lover..and it makes her happy to save spiders and snails 🙂 (The snails are in the garden.. not in the house..haha) I guess I still have a lot to learn from my daughter. She teaches me to stop and be present for sure. So today, I will be present with her..and my husband as we are going on a short day trip to meet up with family. And I will be present with myself.
    Love –

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