What The World Needs Now

74244601_The world does not need more successful people. The world desperately needs more peacemakers and healers, restorers and storytellers and lovers of all kinds. ~ Dalai Lama

My dear friend MLAngel sent this quote to me today and I just knew I had to use it as my blog post.  For you see, I HEARTily agree with the Dalai Lama on this one!  Don’t you?  My heartfelt thanks to MLAngel for the morning inspiration!

The picture is my own, from my own library of my happy places, for to me being on the water is my happy place.  Where is your happy place?

Happy Wednesday!

Shine On!


25 thoughts on “What The World Needs Now

  1. I agree with the Dalai Lama on lots of things and really like this quote, too! There is definitely something about the water that brings out peacemaking, healing, restoration, stories, and love…

  2. Hope you are finding some peaceful moments..
    I sent you some emails as I worked on the cards..just save them for later. No need to respond or anything. It was crazy of course trying to make peaceful cards with my husband and daughter on summer break. (He is a teacher.) But I like what I came up with finally with my husband’s help. I could totally see a little meditation book. 🙂 –at some point.
    Thanks again and take it easy –

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