Please help ~ Orb of Light and Flickering Electricity?

72670098_With deepest sympathy for your loss

I talk with my Mom everyday, sometimes more than 2x a day and yesterday she told me what had happened the night before ~ and I want to tell you so that perhaps you can literally shed some light on the subject ~ pun most definitely intended. ♥

Awakened in the middle of the night, Mom saw a bright white ball of light on her bed.  Her room was darkened, so that no light was visible.  The light could not be reflected from anywhere else.  It was there, on it’s own, positioned on her bed, on her legs.  She said she watched it for a long time, wondering what it was and trying to figure out where it was coming from but she couldn’t see how it could just be there.

She said when she moved her legs, it moved with her.  It just stayed with her, a white orb, settled on top of the covers, on her legs.  It stayed for a long, long time ~ she fell asleep watching it.  And she wondered if it was my Dad, her husband, who died on June 21st last year.

She thought I might think she was losing her mind, but I don’t.  Not at all.  I think perhaps it was my Dad, come to visit her and stay awhile.  To simply let her know that he’s around, watching over her perhaps?  She also told me how her kitchen light blinks crazily at times (he loved to sit at the kitchen table reading the paper) and she’s even had the electrician in twice to check it, but there’s nothing wrong with it.  Jokingly we’ve said it was my Dad because when he passed, the hospital lost all electricity for a few moments until the generator kicked in.

And now that I’m thinking of it, we had a thunderstorm the other day and my lights didn’t go out, but my clicker fireplace went on full blast and wouldn’t turn off ~ the electricity jolt of the lightning also fried my cablebox, internet router and 3 plugs on the tv.  Could that be Dad too?  If it was, I’d like to ask him not to put on such a show and break things! 🙂

I would love it if anyone could shed some light on this as we’re flummoxed.  Do you have any stories of departed loved ones who’ve returned in different ways?  I won’t think you’re crazy if you have had some experiences that you can’t explain ~ please feel free to share.  You know tomorrow’s Father’s Day, perhaps that’s why he’s here?  Didn’t want to miss out on his special day?  Perhaps I need a medium?

Thanks for all of your help!

Shine On!


Yes, keep shining that light Dad! ♥

33 thoughts on “Please help ~ Orb of Light and Flickering Electricity?

  1. I have no doubt that your Dad has come through, especially that orb of unexplained light with your mom. My husband and I have had several “messages” from loved ones who have passed over the years. I believe we just need to be open to that which seems unexplainable, look at how it would connect to our loved ones in the form used from an energy perspective, and then just accept the love!

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  3. WELL, I AM a medium and I’ll give you some of my thoughts! 🙂
    It’s no co-incidence that I opened my reader today and this was the post right on top. Funny, your dad is manipulating me too – not just the electricity around you and your mom! But, I’ll take it and give him a wink and go with it.
    He is happy that your thoughts go directly to him and don’t just “brush it away”. It is a testament to y’all keeping his memory alive. He’s around as orbs more than just when your mom woke up that night, but in a more “behind the scenes” way. Doesn’t like to be just out in the open but more on the sidelines. Not really into creating a lot of “hubbub” and thinks that works better for you guys too.
    The orb is a gentle, personal and warm way of showing he is still with her, and especially during what is a difficult time – the anniversary of his death. More so that than Father’s day. As for the thunder storm incident I don’t see that directly related to your dad. I see it more directly related to you as you “carry” a lot of energy – sort of like a lightning rod…Like a live wire would attract energy to it’s self. That’s what I see related to that. You are an extension of your dad that way, I see a lot of electricity around him too – which definitely relates to the hospital losing power – it’s not uncommon for a power surge to happen when someone passes, Spiritually for sure, usually less so in the physical world, but it can definitely carry over like his experience – but a whole hospital?? That’s Powerful! Happy Father’s Day to your dad, and to you. 🙂

      • I have been traveling this weekend so have been only on my phone to reply to stuff – which I hate, writing on that tiny screen…but am back at my computer now… 🙂 Yippee! I am hoping you had a wonderful weekend and have enjoyed much joy since we have been writing back and forth…I’m glad to have made a new friend!

  4. If you two are nuts – then – so am I. I swear that I have had visits & encounters from departed family members. And – not just in dreams. I believe – and will say – that it was your dad.
    Happy Father’s Day to him 🙂

  5. I found a lot of that going on just after my father passed, especially when I was bowling. That’s where my parents met, and I always bowled better when the lights were flickering. It also happened a lot at one of the funeral homes I worked at. I’m a believer, definately.

  6. Of course it was your dad. I say this with 100% certainty. I could write a book of all the “coincidence” and unexplained things that have happened since my dad dies. Just yesterday my mom was lying in bed and she felt something flick the bottom of her bare foot (my dad would always do this to tease her as she was very ticklish) My mom said out loud “Ed please stop it!” but then she realized he wasn’t there (He passed Feb 2010) This is just one thing, but there are many more.

    Why wouldn’t the ones you love be with you?

  7. I asked someone I trust on this. They said it is hard to know who or what it is – and our relatives will use nature or subtle signs that would have meaning for us.
    Much love to you –

  8. I agree with you – I have a few instances of when my parents, even my brother was again with me. I always say God is love and He created us to love – and even death cannot separate that love. At my husbands funeral my pastor reminded us that Jesus Himself hated death and cursed it. So I know in my heart that God would not separate those that love..does that make sense? And yes since my husband went Home – I have felt him nearby in many ways. We would always say that although our wedding vows said till death do us part, we knew that death would never even separate us, and it won’t.

  9. I have had many experiences related to my first husband, who passed away in 1999. From the proverbially “pennies from heaven” to feeling his presence very strong at certain times, I definitely believe that he’s with me and watching over me. I am a big believer! Others have witnessed the odd things as well, so it’s not just me! When my son was born (a few years after Ray died), I would swear that he was talking to someone in the room, and there was no one there. Anyway, I’m glad your mom had this experience and feels some peace from it. Take care!

  10. This gets a big “I don’t know” from me. Strange things happen. We can’t explain them all. Maybe we should just let them be and not try to explain everything.

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