Your Mind: Friend or Foe


Recently I’ve been chatting with a friend and it seems that many of us are realizing that we want more in our lives than what we currently have.  I’m not talking of more money or things, although financial freedom is always helpful.  What I’m talking about is getting back to the fire of our younger selves ~ do you know what I’m talking about?  That gal or guy that you used to be before the burdens of family, work, and responsibilities took hold of your life!

Am I making any sense to you?  Am I making any sense to me?

You see, I understand what my friend was talking about for I have a younger, less-fearful, more trusting self of youth that I long for ~ a part of me who reveled in fearlessly pursuing her passion and not only thrived but excelled!  That girl didn’t worry about what others thought or if she was too old or if it wouldn’t work.  Failure wasn’t a road block, it was a stepping stone to turn over, take the lesson and move on!  It was fun to work because work was fun ~ because I was pursuing my passion!  Sure there were days when I didn’t enjoy it a lot, but for the most part, I loved what I did!

Then for me, life got in the way, or better said, cancer got in my way and it’s been in the background, occasionally rearing its ugly head at the most inopportune times in life.  You’d think I’d get used to it, but I don’t think you ever get used to having had cancer.  You create a new normal where you try to embrace life, squeeze the happiness out of every moment, grateful that you are here with your loved ones for we never know what tomorrow brings.  As survivors of illness, tragedy and life, we learn how precious each and every moment is ~ so gratitude becomes as common for us as breathing!

But back to your mind!  It’s time to open the cage which has trapped your mind into the should be’s, the oughta’s and unlock the past so that we can let fly that hotshot self of youth!  No matter that you are older now ~ that inner hotshot lurks just below the surface.  Do you know it?  Do you remember her/him?  Are you ready to add a little spice to your life?  To enjoy your life again?  So, I’m looking to you ~

How do you do it?

Shine On!


18 thoughts on “Your Mind: Friend or Foe

  1. I attended a really fascinating conference this weekend and they had a speaker who showed how you can actually “wire” your brain for happiness by meditation and compassion. When you change your thoughts you actually form new nueron connections that change your outcomes in life because it changes the way you perceive things.

    Meditation has totally opened up a whole new world for me. I love Belleruth Naparstek or Bernie Segal but there are many more. (

  2. I too have thought that way… why bother, I would say. Then things got worse. My kids left home as they grew up and I retired. The last straw was my husbands betrayal……BUT…. That was the catalyst for change…. I climbed out of the pit and found that there is life in the world and new experiences to enjoy. I guess it is the glass half full for me. I pray you will ” fly that hotshot self of youth!”

    • Lily, thanks for sharing. I am so happy that you have climbed out of the pit! My little hotshot is happy to emerge. So I was thinking of starting IHU ~Inner Hotshot University ~ want to enroll? I think you could be a guest speaker! What do you think?

  3. I was thinking along the very same lines this morning on the way to work….good minds think a like 🙂
    And yes, ready.Very ready. And at a similar crossroads of looking for the best way to let that hotshot live a little! I know you will do it! xo

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