Needing Personal Space


I love this card’s image and today it seems like a great one for the Daily Prompt!  The questions made me stop and think about my reasons for blogging and about the content that I post so here goes….

Daily Prompt: Personal Space

To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers?

I believe that my blog is both self-expression with a touch of creativity designed to inspire readers to live in the present and to enjoy The Presents of Presence ~ to revel in the glimpse of  light when they’ve seen the darkness.  Its purpose is to engage readers and to build a community of friendship and sharing.  It’s a place to find the glass 1/2 full of positivity when you need to be filled up because you are dragging.  Truthfully, yes, I want my site to attract readers, but its posts are written from my heart about whatever I wish to include ~ whatever moves me on that particular day in hopes that the words, the thoughts, and the images will spark some connection to the reader.

How do you balance that?

I can’t be sure if I balance that ~ I think my readers need to have a say in that answer!

If sticking to certain topics and types of posts meant your readership would triple, would you do it?

Well, yes I would be willing to stick to certain topics and types of posts if I thought that it would reach more people!  But I’ve never liked to be pigeon-holed into what others think of me.  I believe we are all complex souls and we write on the subjects we are comfortable with and have experience in knowing.  I write on death, on positivity, on breast cancer, on surviving life’s trials and tribulations.  I write on whatever strikes my fancy everyday ~ just like I don’t always participate in the Daily Post because I am not willing to write about what doesn’t touch my heart.

So my readers, I’d love to ask you:

Are there certain topics you’d like more of?  Less of?

What’s your answer to the above questions on your own blogs?

Happy May Day!

Don’t forget to say Rabbit Rabbit!

Shine On!


29 thoughts on “Needing Personal Space

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  2. I think following your heart and writing about what inspires you is the way to go! I think we blog for many of the same reasons. I write because it helps me reach for positivity, toward the light, and beauty and love, because sharing connects me with others, like you! Thanks for your delicious posts!

    • Oh Vicki, thanks for your sweet comment and for our connections! I love your blog as well ~ I think that it’s so important to connect and to inspire and to enjoy the journey with others! Thanks for being you! ♥

  3. I think you should continue to write from your heart – even if that means you pick up less readers! It’s your genuineness that brought me. Let me ask you this: Would you rather have hordes of readers with a superficial connection or less readers with a deeper and richer connection?

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  7. I also agree that you should continue to write from the heart. That is why I enjoy your posts so much. I would rather have less readers then to try to write about a subject I am not passionate about.

    • I am so glad you understand me because that’s what I was trying to say. I write from the heart and I write about what I know, what I learn and what interests me. I would love more readers to simply expand our community, but I wouldn’t change the intimate feeling which I think has emerged as we’ve all bonded. Does that make sense? ♥

      • It sure does make sense. I am thrilled when I get more followers but really like quality over quantity. You do get that intimate feeling from your blog and it shows that you care. I know that not everyone loves signal flags and nautical items but since I love them I also write about what I know. It may be our business but love what we do. ♥

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  9. I would not change a thing as you apparently have a large and dedicated audience. As a 53 year old guy however, there are some posts that I cannot easily connect with, so I pass them by after a quick review. There are many however,that I really enjoy and sometimes, re-blog.

    As I started out blogging three and a half years ago, I did so to amuse myself and if others enjoyed the “view out my window” all that much better.

    Having developed a cache of blogging buddies, I now know people all around the world….even in New Jersey. It’s a beautiful thing.

    • Oh Ray, you are, as always, a Ray of Sunshine in my blogging world! I love your view out of the window ~ I know that sometimes my Pink Posts can be a bit much for the guys, but I appreciate your honesty. Big hugs from Jersey! 🙂

  10. I more or less keep my blog like myself – random.
    Whatever the flow is for the week..the day…the moment.
    I like how yours seems to be your flow. Your posts seem to come from the heart & has a touch that’s unique to you. I vote for keeping it with your flow & not what you think others may gravitate toward.

    • Thank you for your vote! I love how each of us make our blog our own and it works so perfectly! It’s embracing ourselves which is so refreshing ~ I love the randomness as you say of your posts! It makes it exciting to see what you’ve written everyday! xo

  11. Yes. Keep flowing from within. Someone told me that those who resonate will find their way to you.
    More isn’t always better. Those you touch will go on to touch others. I read this somewhere…Write what you have to say not what you think others want to hear.

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