Early Bird AND Night Owl


Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Early bird, or night owl?


I wasn’t planning on writing this morning, but when the Daily Prompt came through, I had to jump on it ~ early bird?  I just wrote about that here!   I love my precious mornings!  The dawning of a new day filled with promise ~ the sun rising to light up the earth ~ I imagine it’s the beginning of an all day smile!

But night owl, oh yes!  I can do that too!  Especially since many nights I wake up and can’t fall back to sleep!  Yes, I endure insomnia as well.  But this night owl can also hoot it up and party when needed ~ although the next morning, her early bird may be dragging a bit.  I can’t hoot like I used to anymore, but I always enjoy going out!

So…to answer the Daily Prompt ~ I SHINE ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT!

How about you?  Early bird or night owl?

Shine On!


13 thoughts on “Early Bird AND Night Owl

  1. Rather than night owl, folks claim I’m part vampire. I get more, not less, cogent when the sun goes down. Fuel me up with a nice serving of protein and carbs… and I can run until the sun comes up.

  2. I am definitely a night owl and always have been. Although I enjoy quiet time in the morning my morning starts later then most. Enjoy staying up late. I can relate to you having insomnia at times.

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