I can’t find the delete button!

19046_It was bound to happen one day ~ a slip of a finger and voila ~ a post published empty of words.  I don’t know about other bloggers, but sometimes I pre-write my posts when I find a picture that speaks to me and then in the morning, if I am not inclined to write about the Daily Prompt, I have a few posts to choose from ~ but this one, I had just found a picture of a phone when instead of hitting save, I hit publish!

YIKES!  An empty post!

Has this ever happened to you?

So, now I’m stuttering, if that’s even possible for a writer, because, I’m not that proficient in WP to find the erase button to  take the post away!  Where’s the REDO button or DELETE?  I guess I’ll have to forge onward with this post…ok, I’m ready.  I can do this.  Hold on tight my friends…this may be a wild post!

There’s something to say about this learning experience.  Have you ever said something that you didn’t mean?  It just escaped your lips without thinking?  Have you ever thought aloud only to find that you truly did say your thoughts out loud?  Have you ever spoken your mind only to have your listener not agree with your opinions?  Have you ever said something you wished you could take back?

I have.  And I’ve been the listener who wished she had never heard some things as well.

So what do you do when you make a faux pas?  Stick your foot in your mouth literally?  Pretend you didn’t mean it even when you did?  Laugh it off?  Act as if you didn’t say anything and look at the person with doe-eyed wonder at what they are upset about?  Turn around and change the subject?  Get angry at them for bringing it up?  Blame it on someone else?  Blame it on an illness?

I’ve seen all sorts of coping mechanisms to this problem ~ none of which helped the situation in the end because whatever was said in the heat of the moment, hangs in the air like the stench of a road kill skunk.  So what do you do?

First, try to move on.  Can you forget what’s been said to you?  Can your listener forget what you’ve said?

Was it the truth?  Was it your truth?  His/Her truth?  Was it a deal-breaker?  Or was it heart-breaking?

Can you pretend you’ve never heard it?  Can your listener?  Or was it something that once that cat’s been let out of the bag, that’s it?

This has been a hard post for me due to the nature of the beast and the fact that I was totally unprepared to write about it.  Perhaps it’s a good lesson for me to be more aware when I am looking through my photos/cards, in order to spark some inspiration for a post!

To me, honesty is the best policy ~ and a heartfelt apology is the best I can do!

So please forgive my mistake in hitting publish today!  I wish all of my mistakes were as easy as simply apologizing.  Perhaps they are? 

Perhaps that’s what’s needed when words escape you.  Simply speak from the heart, from the honesty that lies within us all.

Speak as you wish to be spoken to ~ ahh that’s the answer!

Shine On!


PS.  All puns intended when SPEAKING about the phone, answering it etc! 🙂

26 thoughts on “I can’t find the delete button!

  1. It’s hard to forget words that cut deep but often a mistake is the platform from which we can build a bridge because it puts us in a position to work out that relationship. I agree with you that it starts with honesty – an apology, an acknowledgement of a wrong that was done and then a determination to move forward together.

      • I totally agree about being upfront about it and would do the same as you. Yes, those phones do show are age since we both remember them 🙂 But considering what has happen to us I glad for every birthday ♥

  2. Hey! Where do you find the daily prompt…I may need it! I have published posts more than once with NO TITLE so it just ends up being a number when it goes out. This post made me laugh and reminded me we are all just humans, sharing human experiences. 🙂

  3. If this post is an example of what happens when you make a mistake, you should make more of them, Misufusa! I enjoyed this post. It reminded me as to how it feels at such moments, and ways to deal with them. Thank you!


    • Oh Russ you are so sweet! I just couldn’t leave a post with just the picture of a phone on it ~ so I just figured others may have had this happen to them and decided to blog about it! Thank you for your kind words! ♥

  4. I can totally relate to your panic having done this myself in the past and felt so frustrated and a bit foolish. But we are all perfectly imperfect and that’s okay 🙂 Your post is absolutely fine by the way!

    • Oh thank you ~ the first time it was posted, it was just the telephone pic ~ then I went back to write something and had to think fast for what I wanted to say! Good lesson for me ~ and a way to practice going with the flow as well! 🙂

  5. Haha–I can totally relate though my OMG moment was slightly different. My helpful daughter was quickly pushing buttons on a post that I had worked hard on and “POOF”–accidentally hit “delete post”. GONE!! There is no way to get them back–no “did you mean to delete this post” question, “click to proceed” etc. Hit that button it’s gone, baby gone!

    However, with enough grilling of the daughter, who is actually very technologically capable (though not as careful as could be) I was able to find a “cached copy” and put that back into my blog and re-publish; however the comments and likes and whatnot were all gone.

  6. Wow, for an accidental click on “publish,” this is pretty good. The post has great substance. You’ve turned what could have been an empty post quite the enjoyable read and insightful too.

    All of us have at times blurted out hasty words that we want to take back. I remember times when I wanted to wash my own mouth with soap and water!

    • Well, when I hit publish, it was simply the picture with the phone and I had no way to delete it. So I had to think fast and just wrote a post which is what you read. Thanks for your sweet comment. I’ve wanted to eat my words as well before ~ guess we really need to think before speaking! A lesson for all! ♥

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