Every precious morning


I’m a wake up happy type of gal.  I like mornings ~ the newness of the day, accompanied by a fresh cup of coffee.  I like tranquility, when the house is peaceful, all are safe and dreaming in their beds and just Tiffy Cat and I are stirring.  It used to be the girls and I were awake at this time (Chessie & Tiffy) but since Chessie Cat passed a month ago yesterday, pawprints-in-my-heart  it’s just been the 2 of us.  We relax in the morning, look out the windows at the backyard to admire the squirrels and bunnies and just take a moment to breathe before the hubbub of the day begins.

Because in a flash, the boys will be downstairs and the rush of school, work etc will begin.

But in those precious moments, I fill myself up, storing peace and tranquility for the day ahead.  I begin the day with gratitude that I am blessed because I am here to see another day.  I send up a prayer that my day will be good, that I can do good wherever I’m needed.  I take a few moments of fur therapy, petting Tiffy as we both enjoy the morning.  It’s our time and I think she understands.

Do you take a few moments for yourself during your busy day?  I highly recommend it as it centers my soul in the most unusual way.

I’m not a nature type of gal ~ you wouldn’t find me voluntarily camping ever, but I love watching nature from my window.  I love walking with my elder son to the corner for the school bus pickup every morning.  I enjoy the quiet of the morning outside before the world stirs.  We walk together arm in arm many days to keep warm ~ but sometimes, just in that mom/son comforting way.  We chat about the day ahead, planning sports schedules, tests for the week and what’s for dinner that night.  Other times, we just enjoy the quiet of the morning.

Our neighborhood boasts deer, wildlife and trees.  So in the mornings, there’s a peacefulness in the air, it’s like that last intake of breath just before busy begins.  Since Spring has sprung, we’ve been noticing the buds on the trees, flowers sprouting and the colors of the sky.  The picture above is from his phone last week.  I’m a big sky watcher, but it was he who noticed the cloud formation and pointed it out to me.  He snapped the shot from his phone and texted it to me (isn’t technology grand?) while I marveled by his side how blessed I am to have such an amazing son.

We started this routine when he began high school since he leaves so early in the mornings.  I think he likes the company while he waits for the bus and me, I’m just grateful that we get a few moments together that are ours.  As I walk back to the house, smiling to myself, I turn my attention to my younger son as he gets ready for school.  Time flies by so quickly.  These are the precious moments that I won’t forget ~ because it’s the little things that mean so much.

May your day be blessed.

Shine On!


33 thoughts on “Every precious morning

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  2. A very touching post! I, too, enjoy the quiet calm of the morning before the energy of the day wakes up and love watching nature from my window. The time is filled with gratitude and love and grounds me for the day. I like to think that quiet time fills me with light so that my joy shines. It makes me smile to think of you doing something similar where you are!

  3. What a beautiful post. I also start out the day relaxing with a cup of coffee. Although I live in a apartment I do have a nice view out. It the perfect way to start the day and glad that you have that, also!

  4. I had such a serene feeling while reading this post. Beautiful! Enjoy these times with your sons. I miss those days so much! I’m two years into my empty nest and I’m still not caring much for it.

  5. I like my down- time right before bed. I can appreciate it more in the mornings when the weather is nice. When it’s cold – I just want to stay in bed a little longer.
    Enjoy the rest of your day & the rest of the week! 🙂

  6. The little pleasures in life that bring us much happiness are not those that can be “bought with a MasterCard” nor do they have to be something spectacular or novel. I think that what distinguishes people capable of being happy are those who can see the priceless gifts derived from the most mundane activities as affirming life every with every single occurrence.

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