DP ~ Freaky Friday!


When I saw this Daily Prompt I had to abandon the post I was going to publish as this one was just too good to pass up!  For you see, I love to learn about other people’s experiences and what better way than to commit to a Freaky Friday and be someone else!  As in the TV show Wife Swap (which I would never do because it requires the 2 weeks away from my own family), the idea of exchanging places with another person for a day sounds delightful!

No, I”m not off my rocker, nor do I want to leave my blessed life.  But to see myself through someone else’s eyes and to witness the changes that would invariably occur, well to me, it’s a win-win situation!

But with whom would I want to exchange places?  Would it be with my hubby so that I understand being a man better and he can understand me?  Or would it be with one of my sons so I can experience what it’s like having me for a Mom ~ and he could take a look into what it’s like to parent?  Perhaps being a rockstar for a day would be fun ~ singing on stage is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, but I don’t have the talented voice to attempt such a grand feat!   Or maybe being a historical figure (because this is using our imagination) and being Joan of Ark or Mary, the Mother of Jesus?  How about being one of my parents?  Being my Mom or being my Dad and understanding all of the ups and downs in their lives, but from their perspectives?

Golly, this is a whopper of a decision ~ I think I’ll just play that age-old game above

~ Eenie Meenie Miney ~


Tables turned ~ what do you want me to learn about you? 

What would you expect to learn about me?

Shine On!


Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

15 thoughts on “DP ~ Freaky Friday!

      • As I replied, I had been thinking about that and decided, as you say, that it’s definitely too big a whopper to answer. I’m thinking probably to smile through all the nightmares this world can throw at us. To always think of what others might be going through or suffering. To do one’s best to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you. And, back to the Smile 🙂 I’m also thinking it’s what I would end up learning from you as well. So we’d come off about even in the end 😀

  1. Dang … you are clever – and I agree – not for all the money in the world would I do wife swap (OK, that’s a lie, for all the money in the world I’d find a way to make it work 🙂

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  4. I think it would be cool, and pretty brave of me, to be my daughter for a day. She is doing five months orientation for her new position as an operating room nurse. Also, it would be super cool being her, coming home at the end of the day to her two darling children. 🙂

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