Out of Step With the Crowd

Yes, you march to the beat of a different drum…

And I’m right behind you!

Have you ever felt out of step with the crowd?  Recently I was chatting with a friend about cliques and how even some of the 40+ somethings we know can be cliquey.  Now I’m not a cliquey person and truth be told, I never really was.  My childhood didn’t allow for a lot of free time to spend with friends so I never had the opportunity to be a true part of the pack.  Not that I’m complaining as I think I’m a happier person because of it.  But back then, I did want to be a part of the group.

Now, I’m still not a part of the ‘in’ group which doesn’t bother me in the least.  I am friendly with everyone and therefore I can float as I wish, not worrying about the cliquey part of being in a certain group.  The competitiveness which breeds in this area doesn’t concern me because I don’t follow the pack rules.  Let’s just say, I’m my own pup!

It makes me happy to be this way ~ and I find it refreshing to find others who feel the same way.  Because many of our experiences mold us to be the people we are today, it’s important to embrace our differences and enjoy who we are!  By reveling in our true selves, we allow connections to others because we are comfortable in reaching out.  Does that make sense?

Having an illness or surviving abuse or enduring trauma changes us ~ it’s up to you how you allow it to change your life.  For me, although it sounds strange, my cancer diagnosis changed my life for the better.  It’s allowed me and my family to realize truly how precious life is and how vital enjoying the NOW is since we’ve learned that our only guarantee is this moment in time.  I didn’t realize the magnificence of life before ~ and now I won’t let that moment go!

What about you?  Are you reveling in the Uniqueness that is you?  Do you follow the pack or are you your own pup?  Have you endured sadness only to be able to help another along the way?  I think that adversity brings out the best in us ~ it allows us to dig deeper into our spiritual selves in order to deepen our connection to others.

Which brings me to today’s prompt which I read after I wrote this post ~ and to answer it ~ I began blogging, my FB page The Presents of Presence, my twitter account and pinterest because I enjoy learning new things ~ I enjoy sharing the quotes, the optimism and the inspiration that I find in the everyday ~ so I am not sure I ‘get’ social media, but I didn’t join because my family and friends did it.

Be a Beacon of Hope today to others!

Today I celebrate the UNIQUENESS that is YOU!

Shine On!

Don’t forget to say Rabbit Rabbit!


Daily Prompt: The Social Network

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?


15 thoughts on “Out of Step With the Crowd

  1. I prefer to play to the beat of my own drum & sing to my own songs in my head. As far as social media goes…I know enough to be dangerous. But – it’s all in good fun. I want to try & keep up with the times too. I want to stay in the know of curent happenings.

  2. The first time I was called weird, I took it as a complement. It wasn’t until years later that it occurred to me that, in that moment, it may not have been meant as one. 8)….embracing my weirdness!

  3. A lovely post! I am completely with you on this one…breast cancer changed me, too. I find I am more grateful and that I look for the bigger purpose of things I spend my time on. I feel like I am more in tune with who I am and what matters to me, and this clarity helps me grow deeper connections with others. I have always had good friends in different circles, not connected to a single pack so I guess I am my own pup, but like to play with others! Thanks for encouraging my little drummer pup! 🙂

  4. Excellent post and I also go to the beat of a different drummer. Looking back glad that I was unique and not part of the “crowd”. I also agree that illness does change you. Back in 98′ I was given 3 months to live. Long story short it really changed me and see that being positive really helps!

  5. Like you I hate cliques. It’s amazing how people, even as they grow older, can’t seem to get beyond these crutches. When my daughter was growing up, I noticed how she would pick out these cliques like she had a natural radar for them. Then she would systematically pick out the “queen bee” and the “wannabees.” Then she would stand back and form a loose group of very diverse friends. I guess it’s her way to defy them? Maybe show them the rest of the world is better without the protective walls.

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