A View of the Beach by a Jersey Girl


So as you may remember, I’m a Jersey Girl through and through.  Not the Jersey Shore type of gal, but a Jersey Girl which means that I grew up by the beach.  The ocean beckoned me every summer’s day and even when the weather wasn’t delightful, she beckoned and I answered, surrendering to her call.

To me, the beach is my only drug.  It soothes my soul.  No matter whether the weather is sunny, bright and warm or blustery, cold and cloudy!  The tranquility of the waves, the beauty of the sky as it meets the ocean, the way the waves draw on the sand, soothes my heart, my mind and me.  Even when the storms come and the waves thrash against the shoreline, rising up with their powerful swells, the beach is still my favorite place to be.

Because to me, the beach and the ocean are like life.  Some days are filled with sunshine and with rhythmic waves that we ride along with ease!  Some days are blustery, cloudy and the uncontrollable swells sweep across our lives and take with them everything that we know.  Even when tragedy strikes, it is to the beach that I return, finding my compass again to build another sandcastle baby step by baby step in my life.

With Hurricane Sandy, so many were devastated by her wrath.   Familiar buildings nearby were demolished, swept away by the sea.  The landscape changing completely by the power of the storm.  Destruction that will take years to rebuild has changed so many lives and it is with a tear-stained face that I witnessed so much.  However, months later, we are a part of Restore the Shore, starting over again, rebuilding and changing and making stronger.  It is to the sea that we all are drawn here.

We acknowledge her power, her beauty and her will ~ we bend to her, but we never break completely for we are Jersey Strong.  Time heals us and it takes time to heal, but with strength, love and will, we can rebuild her and enjoy her once again!

Mountains and forests are beautiful but simply don’t hold that magical, powerful draw that the beach has for me.  Perhaps if I weren’t born a Jersey Girl it would be different.

I am forever a Jersey Girl.

I simply can’t be far away from the sea ~

her beauty, her power, and her saltwater flow forever in my veins.

What about you?  Are you a beach, a mountain, a forest or another type of nature admirer?

Shine On!



Daily Prompt: Places

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

25 thoughts on “A View of the Beach by a Jersey Girl

  1. Yes, there is nothing like “down the shore” to sooth my inner savage beast. It pained me to see pictures of places I played at as a child….gone….washed out to sea…or into the bay. If given the choice and the money, I would live on sand any day…and close to a boardwalk..ah, the aromas of Seaside Heights……

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  4. I’m not a shore bird at all. I much prefer aspens and a mountain meadow. I’m so glad to have left the desert where I grew up. Good job, working to restore the shore!

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  6. There is something special about the beach and the power of the ocean…I love this phrase in your post: the way the waves draw on the sand. I can imagine myself at the water’s edge and seeing the lips of the waves kissing the sand, drawing their delicate pictures over and over. There’s something so peaceful and calming in the way it endlessly repeats. Thank you for your post!

  7. I don’t know if I have a favorite. I love the valleys in Yellowstone, I love the white beaches in the Bahama’s. I love the Mountains in Tennessee. This makes me want to pick a favorite.

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  10. I worked in Cherry Hill for 12 years and spent many days walking the beaches from Cape May to Sandy Hook. Part of my personal mission was to capture the lighthouses, but that led me to so many other interesting places–and people. The Jersey shore offers both crowded beaches along the boardwalks and secluded, almost deserted beaches if you search long enough. I am now retired and living in Tennessee. I enjoyed your post. Brought back some memories.

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