Enjoy Life!

29117_I wanted something light today, a little something special for a Wednesday and this card just spoke to me this morning!  In fact, when I saw it, it made me thing of The Byrds song Turn! Turn! Turn! from 1965 which is a bit before my time, but enjoyable and perfect for my thoughts today.  You see, as much as I adore happiness, we fully appreciate how lovely happiness is when we’ve also experienced sadness.  And quite frankly, is there anyone out there reading my blog who hasn’t experienced sadness at some point? 

We’ve all traveled on this life’s journey which is filled with hills and valleys ~ that’s the way life is!  It’s unreasonable to think that we can la la through life without some dips in the road.  But what sets us apart is that when the dips in the road arrive, we can keep taking baby steps to endure them, learn from them and ultimately shine because of them!

So please ENJOY LIFE and enjoy a little Wednesday music!

Shine On!



8 thoughts on “Enjoy Life!

  1. I was only 6 years old when the son Turn turn Turn came out but I remember my mother getting the 45 and I listened to it quite a bit while growing up. Enjoyed the video. I’m not sure I ever recall seeing a picture of the Byrds (they look so young)! I just finished a study of Ecclesiastes as part of my Lenten discipline. Chapter 3 is my favorite.

  2. You did it again….wrote a very encouraging and inspiring post! I do think of this song (one of my favorites) when I am in the valleys….as the saying goes it is through the valleys that we grow. May God bless all of your days – in the valleys and high on the mountain tops. 🙂

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