Need a role model?


Meet Nick Vujicic

Are there moments when you feel you just can’t ________(whatever, you fill in the blank)?  Well, Oprah and I KNOW FOR SURE that Nick’s inspiring story will be one you won’t forget and one that you’ll carry with you.   This morning’s spotlight is on a happily married fellow from Melbourne Australia whom you may have seen on Oprah recently.  Nick was born without limbs as you can see on the card above that I made from photos from his website listed below, but that hasn’t stopped him from living a life of joy, faith, hope, love  and a powerful will to inspire every single person whom his amazing story touches.  His courage, his fearlessness and his faith will continue to astound you ~ he’s truly an extraordinary, inspiring person who shines!

If you do nothing else, take a moment and watch this video ~ it’s sure to inspire you today!

Nick recently graced the stage on Oprah’s LifeClass with Pastor Rick Warren  You can find Nick’s spotlight during that class by clicking

Nick’s website is abundant with ways to change lives and to inspire you to make the best out of your life!

Nick has written a few books…click on them to find out more!

You can even find more in Nick’s store ~

You can attend this segment of  Oprah’s Life Class by clicking

I hope you enjoyed today’s inspirational person! 

Happy Sunday to YOU!

Shine On!


17 thoughts on “Need a role model?

  1. I’ve watched him onstage (via video) before -he is captivating!
    His story is incredibly inspiring. The video I watched had dozens of drug dealers, etc coming forward to accept Christ as their Savior after Nick spoke.
    So glad to see Oprah showcased his story, too!

  2. Nick’s incredible challenges help to highlight his indominable spirit. I believe we can find our greatest strengths in our biggest challenges. Our greatest gifts can be foud there too. Thank you for sharing this post.

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