I Want Seconds!


Daily Prompt:  Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten in glorious detail. 

Well, to know me, is to know that I love my birthday!  In fact, I adore all holidays, but my birthday is especially near and dear to my heart ~ truly!  In fact, today is one of my son’s birthdays and he’s just like me ~ he celebrates his birthday for as long as we’ll allow!  Mine isn’t until March and I celebrate for as long as my family will allow too!

So when the Daily Prompt came today with describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, I must admit that my birthday cake every year is the most satisfying!  Not because it’s anything special, no.  It’s because it’s usually surrounded by the people I love and sharing that cake with them on my birthday year after year brings me the most joy ever!  In fact, I intended on enjoying multiple festivities ~ I love going out to celebrate my birthday with family and friends!  I am not ashamed of telling the world it’s my birthday either!  To me, it’s just so exciting to be here year after year, that I never say no if you ask if I’d like to go out to lunch for my birthday!  In fact, I try to make it a week long event!

Perhaps this isn’t what Michelle was thinking when she posted today’s prompt, but for me, it’s true.

The most satisfying meal I eat every year is on my birthday with my loved ones…because it’s filled with love, family and life ~ for all of which I’m so grateful year after year!  Thank you for indulging me!  It means so very much!! xoxo

Seconds for All!!

Shine On!

Let them eat cake!


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17 thoughts on “I Want Seconds!

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  7. Thank you for your fun (and revealing!) post. My family and I celebrate birthweeks instead of birthdays too. After all, it is a celebration that we’ve been blessed with another year of life, and what could be more glorious than that?!

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