Inspirational Sunday ~ Joy Jars


Meet Jessie Rees ~ Founder of JoyJars

Have you ever met an Earth Angel?  A person who thinks about others ~ A person who radiates JOY and LOVE into the lives of all whom she touches with her special spirit?  Well, I found one and I just wanted to share her inspiring story with you.  Meet Jessie Rees who’s the 12 year old founder of JoyJars.  Her story will inspire you to look around your world and to make it better than when you arrived.  Please take a moment to be inspired…this is Jessie’s story, her website and her foundation!

Shine On!




9 thoughts on “Inspirational Sunday ~ Joy Jars

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I was thinking about what to get C-squared for Valentine’s Day, and was struggling because they really don’t need candy or more stuff. In their honor, I just bought gifts to go into Joy Jars at Jessie’s foundations website,

    C1 (aka My Liege) had a iTunes gift card donated in his honor.
    C2 (aka Princess Peanut) had bead necklaces donated in her honor.

    More good thoughts and deeds, inspired by you. Be safe, be well, and keep sharing xoxo

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