Music! Music! Music!


Daily Prompt ~ What role does music play in your life?

I’ve always loved music ~ ever since I was little ~ in fact, the first popular song I learned was American Pie by Don McLean and it was the first record that my parents bought for me.  I played it over and over and still, many years later, I can still sing the lyrics!  I still adore singing although my voice isn’t talented enough for more than a church choir!  Well there was that 6th grade duet with my best friend ~ we sang “I can’t smile without you” in front of the parents and entire school at a Spring Concert.  But that doesn’t stop me from singing in the car, in the shower or anywhere else!  I’ve always been a fan of music as I think it serves so many purposes.  In fact, when I searched for the word music in my blog, a bunch of posts popped up and I realized that I do speak of music often.  I guess in the blog-o-sphere we write about what we like!

Music is a soothing balm to my soul, it’s a revved up optimistic powerhouse that jolts me forward when I need a little push in order to scale mountains of challenges.  It’s the soft, tenderness of being loved by another and of loving another soul with your whole heart.  Music soothes my soul like a huge angelic hug when I need it.  It is the merriment which puts a spring in my step when the doldrums arrive.  It is the rainbow of colors which allows me to enjoy all different types of music according to my mood.  Check out my ipod and you’ll find all sorts of music ~ country, classical, rock and roll, classic rock, ballads, latin, musicals, pop, blues, children’s, piano accompaniment, 1900’s to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and up to today’s music ~ I could go on and on!  The one type which I’m not fond of is Opera…but if it’s what you have playing and I’m with you, then I can listen to it and enjoy it…but it’s not my first pick!

I took guitar lessons as a kid (classical) but it didn’t last…then I took piano lessons and that did!  I could play and get lost in singing to the music so easily…it was just practicing which I didn’t enjoy!  But then, you have to practice in order to play ~ silly me!

Music to me is like breathing…it’s a part of my everyday and something that I enjoy!

So now let me ask you ~ what role does music play in your life?

Shine On and Sing Along!


18 thoughts on “Music! Music! Music!

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  4. Music is a forever friend ! You are never too young,too old,too tired,too sick,too happy,or too sad for music. Music is never not there for you. Like education no one nor no thing can take it away from you . Everyone should have the privilege of calling music a ” very dear friend”

  5. I want to pay tribute to my mother, Dorothy Farrell and my son, Joseph Patrick. My mother played the piano beautifully! How family and friends gathered together to sing along! She brought joy to so many!! Her grandson, Joe, inherited his musical love, appreciation and abilities from her, I think! I always said he could drum before he could walk! Joe’s love of music was boundless! He appreciated all forms, although he found his expression in rock drumming. He was GOOD! He brought joy to many, and I am sure he’s drumming for/ with the angels now!
    His brother and I have established a music scholarship to honor him and to foster music in other young students.

  6. I can listen to music all day. Like you my ipod is full of a variety of music and now that I have found Pandora, I am in music heaven! 😉

  7. Growing up my father had a record collection of over 2000 albums. I loved and continue to need music. Like you I played instruments, sang and now, my eldest daughter sings and the music goes on. As MPJ wrote (nice). Music is a forever friend.

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