Please share your favorites with me!

18026_For the Love of Reading, Learning and Sharing!

Good morning to YOU!  I hope your week has begun on a happy and loving note ~ and if it has not, then you know what you need to do, right?  Change your thoughts and tell yourself that it’s a bright, happy Tuesday morning!  Ta Da!  Yup, it’s as simple as that when you try.  You aren’t your circumstances, you have free will and you have the choice to be happy or sad in this very moment.  Pick Happy!  Pick Loving!  Pick Goodness!

And pick me out a new book to read!

You know I love to share what I find to be incredible books and movies that move me ~ dare I say, SHIFT ME!  In fact, MoJo gave me my last one which I wrote about the other day, but as I went back into my archives, I’ve written about a bunch of books which I find inspiring to read ~ and just plain ol’ good for the soul.

But I’m fresh out of ideas!  I’ve read more books than this, but at the moment, I need something special, something new and I know you have the answer!

So please take a moment and share a book or two that you’ve read that you enjoyed!

I love all kinds of books so please don’t feel restricted!

Thank you!  Happy Tuesday to YOU!

Shine On and Keep Reading!


22 thoughts on “Please share your favorites with me!

  1. On the serious side, I’ve been reading “When Food is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy” by Geneen Roth

    For fun, I’ve been reading “The Rule of Four” by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. It is kind of like the DaVinci Code, but with a Jersey twist.

  2. “A Cup Of Hope” by Emilie Barnes – encouraging and uplifting. I keep my worn out copy on my desk whenever I need a word of hope. This was one of two books that encouraged me during my chemo treatments. The other book is “When God Weeps” by Joni Erikson Tada Like everyone else with reading my blogs I don’t have time for books like I used to, but then on the upside, I have great reading material and meeting wonderful new friends…who can ask for more!! 😀

  3. I loved Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. If you are into English history at all, and Tudor times in particular, it’s a spectacular account of part of Henry VIII’s story from Cromwell’s point of view

  4. This is fun!
    Not sure if you’ll be able to find it, but “Tisha” is a wonderful book.
    I’m a bit partial since I grew up in rural Alaska, but it really is a wonderful book (non-fiction)

  5. Recent books I’ve read:
    Timeline by Michael Chrichton – My kind of book. Fast and furious, action and intrigue.
    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King – King is my all-time favorite author, but this might be my all-time least favorite book by him.
    Scorpion Betrayal by Andrew Kaplan – A great spy novel!
    Disclosure by Michael Crichton – I’m on a Michael Chrichton kick right now. This is the book that started the kick. I had lost track of him after The Great Train Robbery (1975). I’m finding him again.
    Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner – This is a “youth book” so it was very easy to read. A lot of fun, too! I got an advance reader’s copy free through Barnes & Noble, so why not read it! Glad that I did.

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