Life After Death?


They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.

Death cannot kill what never dies. – William Penn

Well, we made it through our first Christmas without Dad.  In case you didn’t know, my Dad passed away 6 months ago so we’ve been dealing with many firsts in the last few months, my parents’ first anniversary and his first birthday (is there such a thing to celebrate when he’s not here?), the first Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Christmas.  In the near future looms New Year’s Eve and my Mom’s birthday.  According to helpful friends, the year of firsts without Dad are the hardest which I imagine is true having been through a bunch so far…but it is supposed to get easier with time which is a relief.

I awoke this morning pondering life after death and thought I’d ask you ~  my blogging community ~  to help me again navigate these muddy waters.  Many of you have special gifts that you’ve shared with me so I figure if anyone can help, it would be you.  I”m too close to see the forest for the trees so I’d like to rely on you.

Do you believe in life after death?  Do you believe you can come back to be with your loved ones even for a little bit?  Do you believe that spirits can rattle windows or become squawking birds?  How about hovering around the house and moving objects in a mischievous manner?  Can they enter our dreams to show us that they are happy?  Do they possess the ability to play with electricity?  Can they leave us signs?  Can they turn into cardinals or butterflies to show us they are nearby?

In case you weren’t able to guess, the above happened to our family ~ although I am a bit skeptical since not all of the above were experienced by me.  But to my Mom, they are definite signs of Dad.  In fact, she knows that he’s been back to visit her, to let her know that he’s still around watching over her.

I’d love to hear your experiences if you have had any and if you’d share with me.  Because I think that especially around the holidays, the empty chair of a loved one who has  passed is most felt now.  We tried to make it easier for my Mom by changing it up this year and my sister AAngel hostessed Christmas Day so that we wouldn’t have the memory of Dad’s empty chair.  For the most part, I think it worked well ~  she subtly lit a white candle on her table for him which I thought was most caring.

Have you experienced any after death visits?

Do you believe in the ability for loved ones to come back to visit?

Do you have any suggestions on how to get through the rest of the year of firsts?

Any and all suggestions, stories and experiences are appreciated!

Shine On!


I found a few blogs who had a bit to say on the subject as well ~ I thought you might like to check them out too!

30 thoughts on “Life After Death?

  1. I believe our essence, or our soul, is loving energy, God’s Loving energy, and energy doesn’t ever “go away”. Your Dad’s physical body is not the form he takes to be with you now, and his energy is simply different so you don’t have to doubt the power of his love as energy. His rascally physicality on his earth may not be here, but his new ego-less form of love is ever present! Could that energy produce attention-getting messages you need? Why not? Enjoy the Love!

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. It sounds like you found a great compromise by celebrating at your sister’s house. I have heard various stories of ‘visitations’ but have not experienced something like that specifically myself.

    I did have an amazing dream when my grandfather passed away, though.
    I dreamt he called me and said it was his time to die and he wanted to say goodbye. I woke myself up crying and looked at the clock. I fell back asleep and the phone woke me a couple of hours later. It was my mom calling to tell me grandpa had died. I asked when and she told me the time of death -was exactly when I’d woken up two hours prior! That was an eerie sensation!

  3. My grandfather made a ring for me from coral when I was about 7 years old. That’s about 55 years ago. As a teenager I forgot about it and stashed it who-knows-where. I married, moved 5 or 6 times to various places in the country. My parents also moved several times. No old home or boxes to go back to. A year or two ago, I was feeling very sad, and thought of that ring. (I had looked for it many times over the years). I apologized to my grandfather (long deceased) for not treasuring it when I was younger so that I would have it, now. I even cried for the loss of it. I went upstairs, walked into my closet …. and it was on the floor. That was impossible. But there it was.

  4. Let me preface this by saying I do not believe in a higher entity. But I have the feeling the energy of the recently departed gets to stick around for a while. Since I have been a child, I have experienced presences which I don’t see but manifest themselves with busts of cold air when I am sometimes in bed, or standing around nowhere near an open window or door. I have never been scared nor am I able to judge what happens to me. It just is. Your dad’s love is no doubt still around, whether because he is looking over you, as your mom believes, or because you are willing it to be. And, either way, I think it’s fine and you should treasure it. I am really sorry for your loss – it’s very hard to lose a parent.

  5. So sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I wish you peace and strength moving forward. I do believe he is with you and always will be!

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  7. I’m really sorry for your loss. I believe that the ones we love never leave. That said, I believe that something remains after death. I never saw anything… But I already felt something “different” and had some really awkward dreams…It is hard to explain.
    You asked how to deal with “firsts”. Try to remember the good things and celebrate them, instead of thinking about the loss. When someone really close to me died, I tried to spend the “firsts” happy because I knew, deep down, that she would rant at me if I was sad and that made me laugh.
    Think about good things 😀

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad! I only have visits from my animals, especially my kitty Bandit, sometimes I feel that I see her or feel her jump on the bed. I guess maybe mine is about how much I miss all of my animal children!

  9. Yes to all of the above I still feel my parents and brother near me. God is love and love never dies and those we love remain in hearts. There were many times I knew they came to me and I consider it a gift from God. The “firsts” are always hard, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

  10. Yes, to all of the above, also! It’s the only thing that keeps me going. I feel my son’s presence so strongly, and I believe he’s sent me some Christmas “gifts” to help me get through. I do believe in angels! I know I have my own now! And, I truly know that these happenings are a gift from a loving and merciful God.

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  12. A friend sent me an invite to light a candle years ago, after a family member passed away. I decided to make a small shine in my house with pictures of my loved ones that passed, and light a candle in honor of them, When ever it moves me. After that I do my yoga and send a pray in the universe, for joy, love, health, happiness, purity and life. It certainly warms the soul.

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