Requesting the Power of Prayer


May the power of prayer comfort and lift your burdens.

I, myself, believe in the power of prayer.  I also believe in the Power of Positive Thinking.  I have friends who ‘vibe’ for me as they are not inclined to call it prayer, but more akin to sending powerful, positive, healing vibrations to me.  Believe me, I accept any and all good thoughts, healing feelings, powerful prayers etc. and I am blessed to say that I have enjoyed the fruits of their Reiki, their loving energy and their healing messages.

So when I ask today for a bit of help from you all, I hope you won’t mind taking a moment of your time to think of me.  You see, it’s been a really hard year for me.  Perhaps I’m throwing a bit of a pity party this morning ~ because in reality, there’s nobody who is always 100% happy and inspirational 100% of the time ~ not even me, although I do try to be ~ I try with all of my heart and being to be.

But this morning, I’m not feeling it and although I debated whether to write this post, I think that it’s only fair to show that I’m a real person who gets down like everyone else, but who, I hope, inspires you all by getting back up everyday and moving forward ~ even if it’s only a baby step forward.  I try to look at the sunshine through the clouds, remember that the rain falls to feed the beautiful flowers (and to make rainbows) and that the age old mantra of what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger makes me a 2 ton indestructable ox today. 🙂

My body is tired and needs extra care now after this surgery.  It seems that after 4 this year alone, it’s just not bouncing back the way it ought to and it’s having some difficulties in healing as I found out from my surgeon’s visit yesterday.  I need my body to heal so that I can continue on with Christmas as it’s only a week away and I’m floundering under this new burden.  Sometimes, we all need a bit of help and for some of us, it’s more difficult to ask for than it is to give.  So I’m learning…and I”m asking…and I have faith that I’ll receive.

I know we’re cyberly connected ~ that’s the beauty of blogs ~ so my request is simple…Please take a moment and send me a healing thought, message, vibe, prayer, Reiki ~ whatever you choose.  I need a little extra strength today and I’m counting on you.  I’m sending blessings out to the Universe with every post and especially this one so if you would please send back some love, I’d be most appreciative.  I started counting my blessings and not my troubles this morning in hopes of turning this situation around, but I feel like I could use a bit of back up ~ hence my post and request.

I believe we are a community ~ I believe that each of us has the power to change lives and together ~ well, together we can make miracles.  I’m not asking for a miracle, just a little healing.  I’m not dying any faster than anyone else ~ but I could sure use some powerful vibes to heal me.  So, if you are inclined, I’d be grateful to you today.

Hugs to all of you ~ you make my heart sing with your words, your blogs and your energies!

Shine On my friends…Shine On!

Thank you!


30 thoughts on “Requesting the Power of Prayer

  1. If I could lay my hands and heal your pain,
    I’d do it for you again and again,
    But as are worlds away,
    I’ll use my heart and words to say,
    I hope you gather strength and love,
    From all of us, and those above.
    Jen xxx

  2. Sending all those positives, and more. I think of you daily, not only when I read your blog, but various times throughout the day. Be gentle with yourself, and try to avoid any long lists of expectations. You are so generous with everyone else, you must give a little of that back to yourself, and give yourself the gift of time to heal. You can’t rush it, only accept it, and go with the flow. You are one special lady, and the Universe won’t let you down. 🙂

  3. You got it, my dear. I am sending you “oodles” ( a scientific term) of loving, healing energy and mindful prayers. I will do that right now.

  4. Thank you for your honesty and asking for help. I am sending you healing energy today and sending an intention that you find the strength you need to be who you want as you move into the holiday season. Be patient and gentle with yourself. I find myself relating so much to what you are experiencing and wanted to offer you a couple of poems…instead, I would like to send you a copy of it as a source of comfort and hope. Please email me your mailing address and I will get it out asap. I continue to hold you in my heart, my survivor sister. Big, gentle hug. Vicki

  5. Dearest Misifusa, I just had a conversation with my Number One Angel, Joe, and he is with you! Look for a butterfly! Also, know that my candle will be lit for you tonight, and every prayer and positive wish are surrounding you right now! Yes, God does listen. I am living proof of that, and so are you.

  6. I Pass one of my prayers to you with the hope it will lift you and make you smile. I will write one for you soon but accept this prayer as one that is yours, and that the words fall from your lips. We are one in spirit and heart always…so what is mine is yours. Our God is the same God, who opened and closed the Red Sea for Moses and He still answers prayer for He answers mine always. So this prayer our prayer we shall pray together, and patiently await His blessing patiently…and to Him shall be all the Glory! God bless

    My Silent Prayer

    My longings lie daily before you
    As also do my many needs
    Often I find myself always praying
    For You to please come to me

    Answer the prayers I am praying
    For only You can see deep within
    You alone know my hearts intentions
    If they are pure or just full of sin

    I languish in my own lonely sadness
    While my body aches with searing pain
    I thirst after Your companionship
    Like a desert flower for a drop of rain

    So please return Your blessings to me this day
    Embracing each word that from my lips fall
    Knowing that my heart patiently waits for You
    Praying humbly for You to answer my silent call

    Wendell A. Brown,
    December 2012,

  7. Sounds like you’ve had a tough year; no wonder you need a little help. Anyone in your position would. Sorry I’m a day late; I’ll send love, prayers, and healing energy.

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