Christmas Spirit on its way!


So after I put in one of my favorite scenes in movieland ~ Mame’s rendition of We Need a Little Christmas Now, into yesterday’s post, I began thinking about that special movie ~ all the amazing quotes from it that I loved.  Now the one I gave you, was the 1973 version with Lucille Ball and Bea Arthur which is a classic unto itself.  However, my favorite rendition is the original movie called Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell from 1958.

So I got my computer, put it on the kitchen table, started some broth in a pot on the stove and checked out my trusty Amazon account (thinking of ShareChair the back of my head…what would she do to find a free version of a the movie) and began!  What I found was a FREE VERSION with my Prime account…and I could watch it from my computer, while I made comfort food for my family and myself.

So as I chopped veggies and chicken and whipped up homemade chicken soup complete with a dash of love and then scooped Nestle Toll House chocolate chip ready made dough from a container and ‘baked’ chocolate chip cookies, I watched my movie in the kitchen by myself…fresh balsam candle twinkling and making the house smell like love and Christmas…and with food ready for our bellies, filled with love and comfort.

In the midst of all of my kitchen antics, my doorbell rang ~ my neighbor brought me a huge homemade wreath ~ made with the branches from our street which had fallen and are being picked up by the town this week…TAngel and her husband had painstakingly picked up branches of magnolia trees, spruce and pine and she had woven the most beautiful wreath I have ever seen, complete with colorful Christmas ball ornaments to brighten my day.  I was in awe of her talent, let alone the fact that she had made it for me.  I feel so grateful and so blessed.  To be given such amazing holiday spirit by a kind friend! (See pic above ~ I just took a pic of it, added a border and voila!  It’s the front of her thank you card from me!  If you’re new, check out my website ~

And when I was all done with my movie, chicken soup ready for the family dinner and homemade (ahem) cookies for dessert, I got online to see if I had any emails waiting…and there you all were…our beautiful blogging community…

Thank you my friends.  Your outpouring of loving comments made me cry…

and I want you to know how blessed I feel…thank you.

I BELIEVE ~  Shine On!


13 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit on its way!

  1. You sure know how to sooth your soul. I take such inspiration from you. 🙂 And the free movie… icing on the cake! I’m going to go and check out that movie, myself. Sounds perfect for today. 🙂

  2. Your wreath is AMAZING ! How special the little things ? How lucky are you to know little things are not little? I watched a video of Jesse Howland digging out the Manasquan Inlet in 1930 something I think last night @ mom’s. Thought of you & the generations of past that make us strong. Lots of positive prayer coming your way as the next few days unfold.

    I can tell you daughter #1 has a preliminary clear CT scan this past Monday. One more in 6 months & Dr believes we will be clear of reoccurrence risk. To celebrate she & her daughter spent tonight cooking & serving Holiday Survior’s dinner for FL Cancer Center survivors . There are no words to describe how proud I am that not 1 but 2 future generations GET what a gift life is.

    I too have found Christmas & the fact that decorations are not possible this year is no longer depressing. Christmas does not require decoration. Only faith.

    Hugs & prayers coming north 🙂

    • Oh MPJ ~ my heart swells with pride for you as well ~ and gratefulness that scans are clear ~ life is good and that our families know the specialness of enjoying the gift of today, of the now…of being present! You are so very right ~ simply and beautifully said…we have today…be grateful! Thanks for prayers ~ Hugs and prayers to you and yours xoxo

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