Got Christmas Spirit for me?

8354_It’s December 2nd and I’m having a tough time getting into the holiday spirit this year which is so very unlike me!  I am the gal who begins decorating the minute we leave my inlaws house after Thanksgiving dinner!  My enthusiasm begins immediately as I scurry to the basement to begin to bring up all of the holiday paraphernalia ~ an old Santa hat on my head, dancing around, singing off-key Christmas tunes by myself, in utter glee that my favorite season has finally begun!  My family is used to me doing this and the boys/hubby just laugh because they know my joy knows no bounds when it comes to Christmas.


But this year, it’s different and I’m not sure the reason for it…but I will say, that I don’t like it!  Perhaps it’s the sadness that envelopes my family occasionally, knowing that this will be our first Christmas without my Dad.  Perhaps it’s having endured 3 surgeries thus far this year and in anticipation of my next one on December 10th ~ knowing that I’ll be laid up until almost Christmas Eve.  Perhaps it’s because our church now sings these new holiday songs which nobody knows and not the tried and true beautiful hymns of my memories during Advent.  Perhaps it’s the overload of dealing with the mountains of paperwork and extra responsibility required of me as Executor to Dad’s estate and now taking care of Mom’s affairs as well.  Perhaps it’s just me.

I guess it’s another lesson in my life ~ getting a glimpse into the world of those who don’t carry the Christmas Spirit in their hearts.  For whatever reason, there are people who don’t find the twinkling of lights, the generosity of spirit and the beauty of a loving heart contagious.  It’s not about religion either, as for me, I embrace the holiday spirit no matter if you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or any other Holiday as long as you do it with a sprinkling of the Spirit of Love!

I’m trying to conjure up my usual enthusiasm…

I’ve watched a few Christmas specials on tv ~ ELF, Eloise at Christmastime (I’m her in my head as a child, but not in reality!), and even put the dvd of Polar Express on!  I’ve got my favorite Fresh Balsam candle burning to make my house smell like my favorite live Christmas tree (which always puts me in the mood).  I’ve had Christmas Carols playing on the radio, I’ve put out a few of the elves and Christmas red and greens, but my spirits haven’t come up yet.

This situation plagues me as even when I was diagnosed with cancer, I still had the Christmas Spirit ~ and I was diagnosed on New Year’s Eve, having endured a biopsy which I was assured wasn’t cancer on December 26th, right after I hosted our entire family to Christmas dinner…which I remember, I LOVED because it was our whole family together, smiling, laughing and exchanging thoughtful gifts.  It’s the magic in Christmas which I adore…the magic of giving, of receiving and of actually feeling the love in the air!  It’s Holiday Spirit ~ when everyone is on their good behavior so that Santa doesn’t think you are naughty!

I’m usually the one who enjoys helping you ~ but perhaps you can help me today. 

Surely I’ll find my holiday spirit soon, but in the meantime, please tell me about yours! 

Like Auntie Mame, I need a little Christmas now…

Shine On and Enjoy!


47 thoughts on “Got Christmas Spirit for me?

  1. Aside from that–with all you have to contend with, I think you are doing a fine job just writing this post–but I think you know that it is the magic of the season, and the fact that anything can happen, which will win out in the end–now I will go away and not take up anymore of your space (hugs)

  2. While I love what we celebrate at this time of year, I hate the added stress that comes with it. And from this single post alone, it is obvious that 2012 has been quite tough for you. Since our bodies act in ways to try and protect us, maybe that’s what its about this year for you. Just because you aren’t knee deep in tinsel and lights doesn’t mean that your holiday spirit or cheer is gone. It’s still there. You’re just using it in a different way this for now.

    • Thanks Lori ~ you are soothing balm for my soul today. I just need to feel the simple loving spirit that surrounds this time of year and I’m aching to find it in my heart. It will come, I know. I just need to let all the other stuff drop away and be. And I will…thanks for your comfort & understanding. xo

  3. Hey you! It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the year, but I think we all get caught up in the holiday craziness of getting it all done instead of just relaxing and enjoying it. I listen to Christmas music in the car ( can you hear the angels voices??…Oh NO… that was just Jordan going MOM really, again???) I have made a promise to myself this year to keep it simple and all those little annoying thoughts in my head had to be outta there by December 1st!!!. So far so good but the month is young hahaha! Love You!

  4. I am having similar difficulty. Your dad was one of 7 lost to our family this year & the pending one becomes harder to watch by the day. As it looks now we will be having all the floors in the house replaced the week before Christmas post TS Deby flood.So no decorating @ this house. It is a construction zone.Like you I am desperatly trying to kick my Christmas spirit in gear. I spent the morning the Hallmark store yesterday.Played with all the animated toys,shook all the snow globes , made the little interactive angel choir sing overtop of the Christmas CD the store played. 3 hrs later I walked out with a Snowman to go coffe cup that made me smile & brought me a little closer to “feeling” Christmas. Then I dropped by my mother’s Sr. Community on the way home. I mean to tell you someone in that place owns EVERY tacky lawn ornament known to man. The BEST of course is in my Mother’s yard. It is a little Scottie dog in a Christmas sweater that lights up & dances to Christmas music. I know “only MY mother” right? In the house I go shaking my head @ the fact that NBP has once again managed to acquire the newest Christmas gadget. I ask where she got it. She did not know what I was talking about. Evidently she told my oldest daughter she liked it but was not going to buy it as it was expensive. My daughter & Granddaughter went bought it & snuck it in her yard without saying a word. My mother lit up like a little girl when we went out to see it in her yard. She kept waving her hand over the sensor to make it sing. THAT DID IT ! I may not be feeling Christmas but I can tell you just keep looking for your seasonal passion. Our decorations & my enthusiasum this year may be minimal BUT, I now can confidently say I KNOW I have paid my Christmas spirit foreward as I am blessed enough to have seen 2 future generations give some back to the woman who inspired my love of Christmas. Prayers coming your way.

    • I am smiling ear to ear after reading your comment as NBP and I have much in common in the area of Christmas gadgets and decorations. I love that she was gifted already ~ I would be taking turns with her waving my hand across the sensor as well. It’s those little things that make my heart sing…thank you for the image, for the memory and for your caring. I send you hugs from faraway ~ and Christmas Spirit because you are bringing me sweet, loving memories. Thanks M xoxo Hugs to all!

  5. We are all human and even me, who has been blessed by not losing my parents yet and have been healthy, I too have a bit of a cloud. I attribute it to feeling such sadness for those friends and strangers who lost so much from the storm. What I have planned to get me in the spirit is a marathon cookie making day with my incredible new daughter-in-law. The tentative and most likely day will be this Wed. We would love it if you could join us!! I love your company. Hope you can make it xoxo

  6. For me, music is the key. On a tough year, I start small with mostly instrumental music, such as:
    – Mannheim Steamroller Christmas (fav track – Stille Nacht (Silent Night)}
    – Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve And Other Stories
    {fav track – Christmas/ Sarajevo 12/24}

    Eventually, I work my way “up” to the Christmas music I remember Mr C playing when I was a kid, including:
    – Mitch Miller’s Holiday Sing Along With Mitch
    – Bing Crosby’s White Christmas
    – Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song
    (And if I could find them on CD or MP3, I’d have the Firestone Christmas Albums lumped in here)

    Eventually, I’m ready to rock — and bounce around decking the halls to a peppier playlist like:
    – Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses
    – Santa Claus is Coming to Town performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

    It’s not necessarily a quick process… It can take a week for me to work from one end of the playlist to the other.

  7. Having lost my grandparents, parents and uncles I understand how difficult the holidays can be but do not lose hope. I have found that now is the time to celebrate old traditions by creating some new ones.

    Since the mid 1950’s my family has been exchanging Christmas ornaments. Each ornament is dated with the with year and notes who gave the gave to who. When a family member passes on we get together as a family and pass the ornaments on to the living family members. Each ornament is a rememberance of the person and a link to the past. As we decorate we are able to remember the person and the life events associated with the particular year. This tradition has allowed us to pass on ornaments to my nieces and nephews who were never able to meet my grandparents. It is comforting to know that our loved ones who have passed will live on from generation to generation.

    My father loved nonpareil candy and each year he would make sure that our house was fully stocked with a candy dish of the wonderful chocolate treat. My sister, brother and I have kept the tradition alive. While visiting my brother over Thanksgiving my wife and I were walking by a candy store and she reminded me that the holiday season had begun. We walked out with a bag of nonpareils and happily delivered them to my brother. Our Christmas season doesn’t arrive with Black Friday, it arrives when a candy dish is filled with nonpareils. It was a treat to be able to officially start the holiday season.

    When I am feeling down during the holidays I remember my favorite holiday movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. Remember that every time a bell rings that means an angel gets their wings. During this holiday season take time to listen, reflect and rejoice that every time you hear a bell ring that is your father speaking to you with words of joy and love.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Joel, your traditions are so wonderful! What a special way to remember our loved ones! Thank you for sharing! I love those candies as well ~ now every time I eat one, I will remember your family ~ and feel blessed that I’ve gotten to know you. Hugs to you and yours!

  8. Name is Antonio. We wish you the best of luck from our home here in North Haven, CT. Just picked up the tree today and finished putting the lights up. The kids are adding the decorations. We hope your Christmas turns out to be the best ever. Your story is felt by many we know. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

    • Antonio ~ thank you so very much for taking the time to write your sweet comment! I love that you have the tree twinkling and being decorated! How wonderful! I look forward to doing the same this weekend with my family as well! Enjoy every single beautiful moment of this Christmas season with your family. I’m sending heartfelt hugs to you and yours! Merry Christmas to YOU! ❤

  9. Well I have noticed that my tinsel has been dragging a little as well. I don’t know. Maybe it is the green grass and 80 degree weather (ugh!). My bum has also been dragging so I decided to exercise (which I am currently taking a mini break in the middle of) and while exercising, I have been watching A Christmas Story. Few things get me into the holidays like this movie. Try it! :). Love you! Jo

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  11. Best wishes to you. I clicked on Sharechair to get to you. Losing a loved one makes celebrating difficult and sort of incongruous. Yet, when the time comes, your family will gather, traditions will swing into high gear, the sparks of love and caring will be there, the memories, and the fun. Merry Christmas. 🙂

    • Thank you for your sweet comment and understanding! Sharechair is awesome, isn’t she? I know we have to give ourselves time, but I want my Christmas spirit now! This is the most wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas to you ~ I can’t wait to stop by your blog as well! Thanks for stopping by mine! 🙂

      • I love your name – The Presents of Presence. It is a great present, and I’m even more aware of it now that I’m blogging. People that internet are for the most part passive viewers, but when someone gives the blogger the present of presence, it warms the heart! Bless you as you string up the lights and sit back to enjoy a good cup of warm cider and watch them blink. 🙂

      • Oh thank you so much for your sweet compliment! The name came to me in a dream and since I try to enjoy the Presents of Presence as much as I can daily, I decided to use it! Love when we get help from above! 🙂 I started with the window candles, my special wreath and a few angels…tomorrow will be my next decorating session! Thanks for the comment! Love your blog!

      • Thanks so much. Have a great time decorating. I worked on decorating my blog for Christmas today. Tomorrow the house! Come back soon and often. I love your comments! See you at your blog as well! 🙂

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  13. You are right on the right track, listening to Christmas music and spending quiet time with God will help bring comfort. My father died on Dec 7 – over 30 yrs ago, I will always remember that first Christmas without him. My heart and prayers go out to you as you remember you dad and go through yet another surgery. In Gods love – Patty

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  17. That was fun. By thway, it loo like she needs a new roof as it was snowing in the room she was in. ;-D!

    A wish you a successful surgery, speedy recovery, and then a cancer-free life for you and your family, my friend.


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