Recognize yourself? A little giggle for you!

A card can say a lot. 

Your words


say more ~ for less $

with SendOutCards!



10 thoughts on “Recognize yourself? A little giggle for you!

  1. Too true – your words mean more. Need to show this to hubby who, for no apparent reason whatsoever, bought me a card yesterday. He didn’t write in it or anything. It was a blank card and he handed it to me still wrapped in plastic. He just liked the picture of the dogs. I hope you’re impressed that I’m still relatively sane 🙂

    • I am impressed by you! My hubby used to do that ~ buy cards at the store and then leave them in the plastic and never use them. Drove me crazy. Now he can get online, pick a card, write Love You on the one he likes and click send. Voila ~ under $1 and I feel great! 🙂 Want to give your hubby my website so he can save money? 🙂

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