I Am…

I AM…poster above is from SendOutCards, but you can make it yourself ~ add your name,  your own I AM ____ etc.  You can even change the feather and seal below…I left them there because I thought they were cute…but you can make it however you wish.

But I AM is not just about the poster above, the sentences we wrote the other day nor about the cards from yesterday.  I AM is a movie produced by a man named Tom Shadyac who was featured on Oprah.  Below is the link to read about Tom’s movie and what he learned about I AM…


Tom’s movie was released in 2011…but you can still watch it on DVD or even rent it on Amazon for as little as $4…I have yet to watch it myself, but it’s one more thing on my To Do list…

Click on the image above and you can watch the movie yourself!  I’d love to hear what you think of it once you see it!  Have you seen it already?

Just thought I’d share a bit of I AM…

Happy Sunday to YOU!


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