I Am…a Challenge….

This morning I am inspired by bloggers LouAnn and also by Cristian ~ both of whom I enjoy following!  Cristian began the whole thing the other day by writing 10 random things about himself without the fanfare of receiving an award ~ simply to let us get to know him a bit better.  who-the-is-cristian-mihai

LouAnn began this morning’s post with her rendition of 10 Random Things, following Cristian’s lead at random-things.

So it got me thinking…of darling Rhonda at help-me-rhonda.com who continues to make me laugh whenever she gets an award with her 7 random things…and I thought, why not?

Why not issue a challenge to us all ~

  A sort of chain letter blog posting to just tell us 10 random things about yourself!

Here are the rules in case this takes off (which I’m praying it will!)

1. Write 5-10 random things about yourself…try to use I AM

2.  Ping/tag whatever it’s called back to this post (or give your url below)

so that we know you are doing it!

3.  Try to keep it going so that we can learn more about our community ~ and expand it!

4.  Let me know what you think of this!


So, here goes nothing! 🙂

1.  I am not a blonde by birth, but I play one in real life!

2I am a cat owner (have 2), but I watch the Dog Whisperer all the time.

3.  I am a great caller for take out or reservations as I adore going out to eat and not having to cook!  My best streak was for 2 weeks that I didn’t have to cook for my family ~ granted it was after a surgery and friends brought dinners but still…upon winning the lottery, my first wish will be to get someone else to cook and clean!

4.  I am a spherical thinker which to me means that I live according to my surroundings and constantly think according to that big circle around me ~ my past, my present, my future and all that encompasses the pretend circle which envelopes me as I go through life.

5.  I am in a transitional time in my life having dealt with 3 separate surgeries this year, my father’s death, the fallout from his passing, and the task of picking up the pieces in my life that I want to keep and throwing out that which doesn’t serve me anymore.

6.  I am a firm believer that it’s most important to:  Tell others through my cards how much they mean to me now (so I send a card everyday to someone) before they pass; To enjoy fresh flowers in my home whenever I want instead of by my casket when I’m dead and to connect with others while life is good ~ enjoying the Presents of Presence!

7.  I am very afraid of heights and yet I love to fly.  I yearn to take a helicopter ride and to jump out of a plane one day (Bucket List you know).

8.  I am charming (ahem ~ big smile) which is my way of saying I am quirky (see #7 as a good example)…and I believe that sometimes my hubby wishes I weren’t so darn charming!

9.  I am a people lover ~ I love to get to know others’ stories and I always root for the underdog!

10.  I am working on establishing a community for The Presents of Presence which will be expanding soon…I’d love to include you all just as you’ve included me!

I am excited to read your I AM list as well!

Please feel free to share ~ the more, the merrier!


24 thoughts on “I Am…a Challenge….

  1. 1. I am a current Brookdale student, majoring in public relations.
    2. I am very caring. If any of my friends ever need help, they know they can talk to me.
    3. I am one of the most honest people you will ever meet. If you ask me a question, I will tell you the truth, not a bullsh*t answer.
    4. I am an animal lover. My household consists of a dog, a hamster, a gecko, a fish tank, a chinchilla, and a rabbit.
    5. I am the oldest child. I have one younger sister. We are like best friends.
    6. I am not single. I have a boyfriend of almost two years. he is always there for me and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.
    7. I am very lucky to have two wonderful parents. They are both very supporting and I am thankful to have them both in my life.
    8. I am a natural blonde. Sometimes my common sense goes out the window and I say dumb things and don’t get jokes, but that’s what makes me, me. Guess it’s just part of being a blonde.

  2. Yvonne, this is a GREAT idea and you have a wonderful list! I especially like your #7, having just made the leap (not FROM but INTO) a helicopter. Was a BLAST and highly recommend you do it while you are still young…climbing in and out is not difficult, but can see it being uncomfortable for older folks.
    As you know, I have so many 7 thing posts out there, I don’t know if I could come up with a list of 10 things people don’t already know about me…but if I can…I will. I think having a presents of presence community would be fabulous! And thanks for saying such a nice thing about me, it makes me happy to know I can make you laugh. HEY, that’s one for the list! Have a wonderful day and see ya next time you are on the porch.

  3. 1. I am passionate about Fair Trade. I believe that through cooperation, understanding and equality we all prosper. I believe we are connected across borders and regardless of location, faith, circumstance believe in love of family and friends.

    2. I am a believer that we can all make a difference in the world via a kind word, a caring jesture and spending some time working for the greater good.

    3. I am a person who believes we are all kids at heart. I love to visit Disney World and play.

    4. I am a proponent of studying and learning about history. To understand our past, our present and our future, we should examine the past and learn for the future.

    5. I am a Deadhead. I believe in the power of music to free your mind, liberate your body and enrich your soul.

    6. I am sad that you can only purchase Taylor Ham in NJ. (I know it’s not good for you, but sometimes you just have to have a Taylor Ham, egg and cheese on a hard roll)

    7. I am blessed that my wife is my best friend, biggest supporter and an overall super person.

    8. I am fortunate to have a dog named Althea who makes everyday special. Few things in the world are nicer than walking into your home and being greater by a wagging tail and loving eyes.

    9. I am an optimist mixed with a lot pragmatism.

    10. I am the same weight and pants size I was when I was 19.

  4. What an excellent inclusive idea – your “I am” list has much more depth than mine, though if I win the lottery I would use my win the same way you would–not to cook. I love that you play a blonde in real life–and am flattered that you took Cristian’s idea out for a spin

  5. I think it is wonderful how we draw together and make a community. I love this. I didn’t expect it when I started blogging, and now I just feel so… so…. grateful !!!!

    1. I am passionate about my friends. They mean everything to me. They are my rock, my family, my sanity.

    2. I am over-the-top proud of my two sons and their wives. They are happy and successful, both the ultimate goal for a parent. I just wish they lived closer. 😦

    3. I am a person who just loves to travel. Our world is a wonderful place and I celebrate our SAME-ness, not our differences.

    4. (continuing from number 3….) I am going to spend TWO DAYS in Russia next June and I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

    5. I am a person who loves to read.

    6. I am gray-haired but I think I’m blond. (that’s what I see in the mirror 🙂 )

    7. I am in love with my dog. She is just the sweetest thing in the world. She makes me smile ALL the time.

    8. I am a person who just adopted a ferrel cat. I am horribly allergic to cats, but this one found its way into my yard, so I’m feeding it, and caring for it and housing it outside at a distance from my allergic self.

    9. I am in love with Barbra Streisand. Can’t help it. She is just wonderful. She opens her mouth, and I start to cry.

    10. I am a bread maker. I have an awesome machine, and I make bread every other day. yummm…. I’m smelling a load of french bread right now that just finished. Glad I am at number 10. Time to eat!! 🙂

  6. 1. I am a people pleaser to a fault.
    2. I am easily flustered (see #1) and usually have too much on my plate.
    3. I am a reader (and have The Secret on my nightstand to reground me after a bad day).
    4. I am the happiest when I am learning.
    5. I am a runner and want to run a half marathon someday.
    6. I am a chocolate lover.
    7. I am a people watcher….I look at people and think to myself that I hope they have someone who loves them and tells them so.
    8. I am initiative and try to solve other people’s problems.
    9. I am a no non-sense type who doesn’t like gossip or drama so I keep my circle small and am jealous of others who can juggle maintaining multiple friendships.
    10. I am developing adult ADD as a result of the internet!!

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