Heal Your Life TODAY!

When I awoke this morning, I felt as though I would have a red carpet set before me…and behold…here it is!  In my email was the above picture of a video which I have included below.  I watched the video and I think you’ll really enjoy it as well so I’ve included it.  However, it got me thinking of all I could do with Louise’s picture above so in a matter of maybe 5 minutes, I used my SendOutCards account and simply clicked on a few templates (and I didn’t even play with the picture which I could have) and the following cards were made for me…Please let me know which one’s your favorite???

I’d love to hear what you think of Louise Hay’s video as well! 

Imagine…she was born October 6, 1926…

which makes her 86 this year!

Happy Birthday Louise!

Happy Tuesday to All of YOU!


6 thoughts on “Heal Your Life TODAY!

  1. Wow… look at you go with all those templates! I like the one with the leaves, and the ones with hands holding the picture and….. oh, they are all nice!!! 🙂 Love Louise Hay .. and Wayne Dyer.

    • Thanks so much! I love Wayne Dyer too….he’s on my list to chat about! Thanks for commenting…and ‘voting’! xo

    • Thanks for checking it out! There are tons of templates, I just picked the fall-ish ones and a few of the more unusual…loved the candy canes as well!

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