Welcome to October!

Ribbons Ribbons Everywhere…

As a breast cancer survivor myself, I am grateful for the unity which encompasses the month of October, but…I dislike the fact that although we continue to buy yogurt for the cure, run for it, walk for it, buy paper towels for it, donate outright to it, etc…the fact is…Breast Cancer is still here.

I won’t bemoan the fact that I was diagnosed with BC nor that I have endured the ravages of the disease for the past 10 years of my life.  It’s changed my body, my mind, my heart (medically), and my life.  It’s made me weaker and stronger and it’s changed the way I view my world.

It’s given me a gift amidst all that it’s taken from me.  Throughout this journey of endurance I’ve earned courage, inspiration, and strengthened my will to survive.  I’ve been given me an extraordinary view of life for which I am grateful as I would be whom I am now.

So my celebration this month is in gratefulness…in enduring…in enjoying

THE PRESENTS OF PRESENCE every single day!

Come with me, my friends…start with our first of the month saying.

Repeat after me…

Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit


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