Grasshopper Help?


by e.e. cummings
  a)s w(e loo)k
S                                                         a
  rIvInG                         .gRrEaPsPhOs)

Last night when I got home, we found a grasshopper on the mirror in the foyer.  For me, it’s most definitely a first in my life.  I can honestly say, I’ve never found a green flying grasshopper in my home.   My boys had friends over and the 4 boys were in awe as was I!  When one of the boys tried to gently catch the grasshopper, he flew around and then landed in the next room.  On the next attempt, the grasshopper landed on one of their legs and then jumped to the wall again.  As a girl, I can verify that they all screamed like girls ~ especially the one that got landed on!  Finally one of my sons gently grabbed the grasshopper and carried him outside.  When he ran back in the house, he said that the grasshopper was following him, but we closed the front door.

I looked up green grasshopper on the internet to see what the symbolism is of discovering a grasshopper in your home because I feel like it’s a sign.  However, I wasn’t able to definitively figure out anything.  So, I’d like to ask for some help please.  Would this be considered a totem animal?  Would it be considered significant?

Any ideas?  Any suggestions?

I’m not sure where to turn…so I figured someone might know!

Thanks for your help!


101 thoughts on “Grasshopper Help?

  1. I found the meaning! It said green grasshoppers indicate fresh starts (new beginnings). It states: “Here is a quick list of grasshopper symbolism: lucky, stable, virtue, vibrant, content, intuitive, fertility, patient, peaceful, creativity, abundance, insightful, messenger, connected, courageous, resourceful, and forward thinking.” It also said the grasshoppers appeals to artists, musicians, and dancers.

  2. Grasshoppers definitely have meaning! they teach you to take a chance, to leap forward – they don’t leap backwards. they also have “ears” in their legs, so they remind you to trust your inner voice. I’ve been seeing them all summer which has been a nice treat! 🙂

    • Oh wow ~ love the meanings that you shared. This was the first grasshopper I’ve seen in a long time. By the way, we found the grasshopper on my foyer mirror! Such synchronicity as I’d been thinking of moving it for days now! 🙂

  3. I am cracking up thinking about the chaos that little bugger created in your home and your boys running around screaming like girls! LOL I take it as a sign of new beginnings and that good things are coming your way…if you find another one, can you drop it off at my house?

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  5. I’ve seen some wonderful replies already, but thought I’d share mine anyway. From my perspecitve, signs are what you make of them. For example, in some cultures, crows are a positive sign, but in others a bad sign. If you think something is a sign of positive things, and focus on positive things, and think of all the positive ways that the sign could be a good thing, I believe it is very likely to have a positive impact on your life.


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  8. My GUESS is that it means that you will always be surrounded by beauty, have enough to eat, appreciate nature and know that little boys scream a lot when attacked by a grasshopper.


    • Hi, I am from Singapore and I have a question. Since I have painted my bedroom green and hanged green curtains, I have grasshoppers visiting me quite often around after 1:00 am when I am still awake and my rooom lights are on. Even right now typing, there is one grasshopper in my room. I am living on 4th floor of flat. It really frightens me. Do you know what is a sign or because my room is green colour? Please help me. 😦 Thank you.

    • I agree. Last night on our way to dinner one was on the outside rail & still in same place nearly 1.5 later or more. My husband picked him up when I said I felt it was my dad’s spirit. We brought him in the house to feed him. He started climbing my husband’s arm. I told him if it is my daddy’s spirit it would go to your heart. Immediately it started climbing to his low abdomen & racing up to his shoulder making a u turn to heart where he stayed.
      Then hours later I realized last year they said do not touch the real big bright green ones extremely poisonous. But, he did not sting us. Thank God. In fact, it kept jumping to me. Lol.

  10. Today I opened my front door to close the screen as I watched for my kids bus to come.I didnt notice the grasshopper until i closed the screen it jumped off my door down to the ground,and then the bus came.As I opened the door to walk out the grasshopper hopped into my home,ive been getting alot of crickets lately and today i seen 2 grasshoppers 1 inside my home now somewhere and the other is on my trash can out back!!! I sure could use a change in EVERYTHING!!! 🙂

  11. I woke up and found a grass hopper on my car window in the garage! How it actually found it’s way there I’m not sure of. I backed out of the garage it stayed there, went to the gorcery store, drove back home, parked outside, cooked dinner……..Still there. I even took a picture and when the kids arrived home I showed them. The funny thing is they are like “what mommy it’s a leaf on the mirror” lol! I too came and immediatley looked up the meaning. I am optimistic about my future, then too, I always was.

  12. What a fun grasshopper experience! I’ve never heard of grasshoppers meaning anything, well, except for with the plague in Egypt in the Old Testament, but sometimes they go where they don’t belong. I had one in my car once and I was driving when I noticed it. It sat on my dashboard and watched me drive the car all the way home! It was so hard not to scream!

  13. Hi,

    I am usually awake at night as i work in night shifts… probabaly between 3- 4am i happened to take a break to drink water and went to fill my can with water from kitchen. happened to see a green grasshopper on the brink of my bedroom door.
    As far as now my husband requires to move ahead with his life and needs a seperation, i dont want to push him to stay or be with me even if he doesn’t wanted to.. i respect his space and he is moving to UAE to be with his parents i love him all the more and wishes he will come back to me… though i didnt tell that to him… if he really loves me i know he will comeback and if he doesn’t i wish him all goodluck in future…
    I am very spiritual and just thought that this could be a sign from above…
    anyone knows whats the meaning of grasshoppen at my home?
    as it was there for more than 2 days… i finished my shift… went to bed its there…i slept… and woke up and its still there.. now am doing my next day shift and its still there… i wanted to know whats the meaning? as i haven’t seen a grasshopper in my life for about a decade now…
    please help me…

    • I wish I knew the answer to your question. I looked up grasshopper symbolism and found this which I thought might be interesting to you.
      The grasshopper moves to its own rhythm and tune, indicating this creature is a advocate of intuition and listening to our inner voices. The grasshopper encourages us to listen to our own stirrings – those beautiful chirping lullaby’s that sing in our hearts are indications of our inner beauty and creativity. The grasshopper totem reminds us these inner musings must never be silenced – rather, they should be nurtured, and always remain as the background music to the performance of our lives.
      Is the grasshopper still there? I’m sending you healing peace-filled hugs.

  14. Interesting comments, I recently met someone that left me a note on a napkin and I’m wondering what he meant. “Drink from the cool green water grasshopper”. Any ideas?

  15. there is this grasshopper in my bedroom for the past 2 days. Quite unusual as this has not happened before, atleast not in the bedroom. Any reasons ???

    • My friend over at Bees Knees (the first comment in this post) said she looked it up and found:
      “Here is a quick list of grasshopper symbolism: lucky, stable, virtue, vibrant, content, intuitive, fertility, patient, peaceful, creativity, abundance, insightful, messenger, connected, courageous, resourceful, and forward thinking.” It also said the grasshoppers appeals to artists, musicians, and dancers.
      Does any of this help? ♥

      • Thank you for sharing this. I moved into a brand new house today, a grasshopper jumped on my head while I was unpacking! I thought wow thats strange and proceeded to look up meanings. I feel like my life is in a new transition so maybe my little green friend is confirming this for me.

  16. I have a story to tell two years ago a grasshopper came into my bedroom and my husband was there with me when he said look at that edge of the TV there is a grasshopper and a week later I discovered that my husband of 32 years was living a double life outside the Country with a very young woman who has a child with him; he was stealing money, jewelries, house items from me for her and sending to over sea.
    It was hard but my life continues, but at this time it was the best that happen. I am now financially better, but do not believe in man.

  17. I was watering my garden and a green grasshopper suddenly appeared from behind the pot – it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. I have a lot on my mind at the moment and am unsure which path in life to take – what does the green grasshopper signify?

  18. Hi im searching about a grasshopper mean?and i found this not good in english sorry for my wrong grammar : ).my brother asking me to lend money start small amount but i feel bit scared maybe i cant handle it and turn to bancrumpcy.then suddenly we saw a grasshopper at the door very old grasshopper not green grasshoppr its light brown color its confusing where grasshopper come from?i just thinking if i porsue to agree to my brother to start financing?here in phillippines lot of people borrowing money some got 10 to 40%intrst but im not agree to 40% its not fair maybe 15% its enough but i still kep thinking about grasshoppr give a lucky sign to agree to my brother?just sharing

    • Victoria, I understood everything you said! Your English is very good. ♥ I think part of the grasshopper message is to think before you leap. I cannot tell you whether to lend to your brother or not. All I can say is to follow your intuition and listen to that little voice in your mind which will help you to make the right decision. Best of luck to you! Thank you for visiting here.

  19. Hi Misifusa, i read the amusing account of your experience and feel compelled to share my own experience. I was driving home after a game of badminton and as i was approaching my house gate, a big green grasshopper just crashed into my face, to be precise, my nose. I think it bit off a piece of my nose . …. hahaha just kidding! on a serious note, it was quite painful for a moment. I was in shock and by reflex i just slapped it away and it fell on my chest. It did not move, it was as though it was staring at me and expecting me to do something. i waited for a moment before catching it with my bare hands and throwing it out of my car window which was wound down all the time.h he grasshopper just stood there where i threw it and did not move. When i got out of the car, i looked at it and spoke to it while wondering what was the significance. It was as if it came bearing a message for me. When i googled it this is what i found …… ttp:// In summary it is a good omen and something positive as the grasshopper can only hop forward, so it tells you to move forward with your plans and trust your inner feelings. I hope it helps you find your meaning, Cheers!

    • Thanks John! I love that you shared your story with us! I am glad the grasshopper didn’t bite you, but I thank you for the image and the giggle. 🙂 I like the moving forward and trusting your inner feelings meaning. Cheers to you! May we all move forward with peace and love!

  20. It has been some time since my grasshopper experience and I can’t find any information about it but this site has helped me understand a little bit more my situation. I was having a party outside my house and there was a lot of people. I saw a grasshopper staring at me so I stood up to confirm that it was only looking at me. I walked a little and he followed. I freaked out and started running. He jumped faster and faster to keep up with me. He didn’t stop staring at all times. I went inside the house and through the door I could still see the grasshopper constantly staring at me. After all of this I felt scared. People never saw any grasshopper during the party and I checked many times the door and around the house and never found anything. I continued to be freaked out by the grasshopper and even had nightmares about it. I don’t know what to think. Please help.

    • Lillian, I am no expert on grasshoppers, but by reading through all the amazing people who took time to comment on my post, I feel like I’ve learned a bit more about having an experience with a grasshopper. It’s interesting to note that the grasshopper continued staring at you as if it were making sure you knew it saw you. From all of the above comments, I do not see the grasshopper as something to fear, but instead to embrace change in your life. It seems to me that his intention was to be with you, to connect on a level and not to harm you. I am sorry you have had nightmares about the grasshopper. Have you seen him again? Read the comments above as many included meanings that they have found and some included other websites with information. I hope this helps! ♥

    • Did you have a love one pass away? They say when any creature stares at you, following you or lands on your heart it is the spirit of a loved one.

  21. I woke up this morning to find a very green grasshopper in my kitchen he is just sitting there just waiting to see what changes he brings

  22. Very interesting.. I have been researching grasshoppers online. Last evening, while sitting on the patio, I looked down to see a grasshopper just sitting on my arm. He was quite happy, wasn’t afraid, and I didn’t freak out. I let him hang out with me until I had to bring the dogs out. Before I went in to get them, I took him over to a grassy spot where he would be safe. Tonight, the fella shows up again, looking at me, eventually trying to land on me but he caught me off guard… I was watching over him, and before I knew it…there was two more grasshoppers. I am a month away from my second marriage… They remind me to take that leap… And now I know I am supported more than ever in taking this leap. In the three years I have owned my home, I have never had such an experience… So glad I did. Look forward to seeing these guys and trying to continue to protect them!

    • I love that you had such a memorable experience, that you are able to see what it means and I am grateful that you’ve shared it here! Thank you!! May you find a blissful, loving, long marriage! ♥ Keep in touch!

  23. My son found a green grasshopper on his patio, right on the wall where his office is, he sent me a pic, he’s been going though a lot lately, he want to buy a car, but said I don’t know, today I told him to take a leap of faith and go for it.
    Could this be a good sign? His father don’t call, or contact him,
    I sure hope so, he is an outstanding young man.
    Ty Victoria

    • Victoria, how wonderful that you have such an amazing son! I believe when you know in your heart and speak from your heart, you take that leap of faith and all is well in the world. I hope that this is what you and your son found. Bless you! ♥

  24. On 16/11/15. I lighted different colours of candles and incence sticks and was doing my morning prayers, then lo and behold a grasshopper flew into my prayer room. I said some protectional prayers, then ignored it presence. After the prayers I forgot about this green grasshopper visitor. I was about to go to work when, I remember that a grasshopper was in the room, I call my daughter to help me trap it and send it outside. It was successful, and I drop it in a beautiful garden in the house. Wonderfully on my return from work, sitting and thinking about the day activities, something told me to light the lights of my altar, light on and I spotted the same green grasshopper I threw into the garden resting on my altar. I prayed again and spoke to him to allowed me to make the garden it home, not my prayer room. I took the cup it was resting on and drop it in the garden again that night. Please kindly help me to understand what message this green grasshopper visitor was trying to tell me.

    • Hi John, I am not sure I can tell you for sure what message the grasshopper was trying to send you. Perhaps when you do your morning prayers, you could take a few moments to ask what the grasshopper’s message was? In a bit of silence, you may hear your answer. Please come back and let us know what you learn. In the meantime, has the grasshopper returned again?

  25. Hi since I was small i use to love catching grass hopper it a while have not seen them but lately i see them alot brown an green some times the land on me or i catch them an let the go an sometime they don’t jump if i try to touch them it move slowly but stay in my room all the time what can this mean

    • Franco, thanks for stopping by. In response to your question, I don’t know. Perhaps the grasshopper wanted to stop by to say hello to you? Have you seen it again?

  26. 2 grasshoppers appeared at my bedroom window a really big one ! And a baby one they have just been sitting there for hours what could this possibly mean ?

  27. Hi Guys,
    I’m freaking out badly, now. I had This 3 inch of this big green grasshopper in my room behind my fan. i was so shock because i hate bugs!. But how can it be there? Does it hiding there the whole night sleeping w me while i breathing an air from a fan?!!! How does it be n my room in 12 storey high floor!!!!
    BUT since i hate bugs. I just Sprayed it w insect killer. I’m not sure if its alive. I caught it in a container and a paper. I didn’t kill it but i let it go on 12 floor out the window. So what is that mean???? IT CAN’T BE GOOD LUCK OR ANYTHING. ITS WEIRD TO BE IN MY ROOM THAT HIGH STOREY FLOOR!!! and yes i’m in the middle of hard times doing my fashion project and I’m lost. reading all this about grasshopper. i don’t know if i should believe it.
    Please tell me as soon as possible.

    PS: I’m Singaporean. Fashion Design student. and Fickle minded, tired of school (3 years studying. now still continue in art school) need my sleep all the time.

    • I’m not a professional on grasshoppers, but I think you can choose to view its presence in your life as a present or an omen. For me, I’d rather have it as a gift of good things to come, like being lucky. I’m impressed that you let it be free and now it’s out of your room! Breathe easy! Sorry I am replying late, but I just saw your message! I wish you all the best of luck! Proud of you! May you have continued success! 🙂

  28. My roommate (who is also my best friend) and myself saw a grasshopper on the front windshield of his truck as we were driving home. We live in Southern California and the evening was beautiful – windy but beautiful because it felt so good outside. I was scared because I don’t like bugs. So, I hurried out the door because for some reason I thought it was going to jump on me. It did not jump off the car but closer to my side of the windshield near the wiper blades and stayed there even after we both got out of truck and walked to our apartment.

    I haven’t seen a grasshopper since I lived in Texas. I’m going through major changes in my life that are very uncertain and scary. I believe this is good luck and I’m going to see a big change in my life. For the best!!!

    • Oh yes April! Yippee! I agree that it sounds like big change and good luck are welcoming signs for you. I wish you all the best! Thanks for sharing! Let us know what lovely changes come to you! ♥

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