Angelic Signs…

An Angelic Gift for You!

Driving home last night, I did what I had suggested you all do ~ I looked UP and checked out the clouds.  And lo and behold, right in front of me was the cloud which I featured in my card today…and as soon as I saw it, I knew what it was…a Heaven-sent Feather from my Angels.  Do you see it?  Or do you see something else?

I see a feather which according to other blogs, is a sign from your Angels…and because I had been asking for a sign so that I knew that they were around and ready to help me, I figure this was my sign…as big as a cloud, as high in the sky and honestly, it only lasted for a few minutes and it was gone.  If I hadn’t used my cell phone camera to snap the picture, this would not have been a post to share.

Do you believe in Angels?  Have you ever received a message? 

A knowing?  A sign? 

I’d love to hear about it if you have!

I am thankful to share my journey with you!

Happy Thursday!


28 thoughts on “Angelic Signs…

  1. I actually saw two angels on the sky last week, two days in a row. The first I was able to get a picture of and it was kind of looking down and praying. The second was just like the top half praying and had something that looked like a dog beside her (the last dog that I had I found dead in my dog pen). I didn’t think to grab my phone and by the time I got my camera it was gone. These were the first time I saw angels in the sky.

  2. My nephew pass away 2yrs ago my sister took me at the family cemetery and show me where they was going to laid him at he was only 26yrs old I was really upset I said to myself lord if he alright please send me a sign here comes a feather from no where and landed on my blouse. I know then he was OK

  3. Oh, I believe! I can find a white feather in the most unusual places, right in my path, especially when I ask for a sign, too. Our angels will always validate their presence. We just have to be open when the validation happens.
    I love your feather cloud!!

  4. Hi! My angels like to turn on my fireplace or printer! Angels have a sense of humor. Once I was eating Cookie Crisp cereal and the little chocolate chips looked like two eyes and a smiley face! One Christmas morning I asked for a sign and I found a happy face on my deck in the snow! My favorite is asking them for a close parking spot and they always come thru for me!! I have lots of pictures with orbs in them! That’s my angels!!

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  6. My maiden name is DeAngeles (of the angels – in Italian) – and my mother collected angel things. In my home I have an “Angel Room” with her collection and a lot that I have gathered through my life-time. When we bought this house, the lady who owned it used that room upstairs for her yoga and massage parlor, but on the window ledge, she had a glass angel. After we moved in, she came to visit. She saw how I was using the room as my sanctuary. Next time she visited, she returned the glass angel to its “home.” I believe in angels. They are all around me. I have a million stories about the way they have saved, enlightened, and strengthened me. Thanks for this posting, Misifusa. Your presence in this blogging world IS a present!

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