Key to Success…Key to Failure…

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. ~Bill Cosby

Happy Monday to You!  I found this card this morning and just knew it was for today’s message.  In digging through my Dad’s personal items, I’ve found a ton of keys ~ most of which I have no clue as to what doors they open, but I find it interesting that there are so many doors that they could open and I wonder if I’ll ever find them.

On my own keyring, I have a key which I can’t figure out whose door it opens.  It’s been on there so long that I am afraid to throw it out for fear that it is a key I need.  Do you have any keys which don’t serve you anymore because you don’t know to which door they belong?  Have you thrown them out or are you holding onto them like me?

I feel like many of us hold onto keys in hopes of finding the doors to which they belong and in doing so, we somehow hold onto that ‘key of failure’ in the process.  Trying to keep the peace, helping to keep everyone happy and perhaps not keeping ourselves happy in the process is a key to failure.

It’s Your Life…it’s My Life…and I’m a guilty as the next key holder when it comes to trying to please everyone from time to time.  I’m not advocating not smoothing the road of life from time to time for others, but living your life to please everyone is not a life to live.  Giving yourself up in order to make others happy doesn’t allow you to be happy nor to grow by experiencing life as it could be.

As for my dilemma with an unknown door key ~ I’m going to take my own advice today ~ for the next week, I will truly try to figure out to which door it belongs and if at the end of a week I am unable to find it, I will simply take it off my keyring and put it away in my desk.  It’s not serving me and I feel like it’s weighing me down.  Perhaps it’ll be my symbolic key to failure that I’ll finally lay to rest.  I’m still unable to throw it out, but I think there will come a time that I will simply throw it away knowing that the door to that key is permanently closed…and I’ll feel good about it.

Do you carry keys to success on your key ring?  Or do you carry keys to failure?


13 thoughts on “Key to Success…Key to Failure…

  1. I love this analogy!! And it’s so true. Wow, time to take those keys off the ring and lighten my load. Thanks!

  2. I too have a mystery key. I am sure at one point it was important enough to acquire a spot on my keyring. I liked your analogy and believe that if the energy your receiving from this key prompts the connection to failure, then it is time to remove it. Free yourself from the frustration, the failure. As for my key…it’s small yet full of mystery and purpose. At this point it is part of me. I have never until your post really thought about it. While reading your post I realized I smile at the thought at the key, it’s mystery, it’s secret.

    It feels like it’s for something I have not yet unlocked. I must not have reached the destination yet.
    Thank you for the very intriguing post.

    I look forward to following you.

    Nameste ~

  3. I really liked this! I found those same keys but wasn’t witty enough to connect them to my life like you did. I’m still searching for my own unlocked door–it seems like I gave everything I had to my son to help him be successful, and there’s nothing left for me!

  4. This will prompt me to look at my keychain and see if I use all the keys or not!
    We changed locks on our doors awhile ago and I wouldn’t doubt if I’m still carrying a useless key!

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