You Inspire Me…

OWN Network’s Soul Pancake…



I was watching Super Soul Sunday when the above came on (just click on that link that starts w/g7) and I just wanted to share this in case you hadn’t seen it yet…I posted awhile back another video which I found interesting…and I like this one too, hence the share!

Are you comfortable giving and receiving compliments?  Giving is probably the easier of the 2 for many of us.  Telling your friends and family something good that you see in them is natural ~ it’s easy to compliment the ones you love as you love so much about them!  However, sometimes we forget to SAY what’s in our hearts and VOICE how we feel and our compliments.  Perhaps today you can make a special effort to TELL others how special they are to you!

Compliments by nature, make other smile, let them know you see something special and unique in them and brings an all around goodness to the soul.  Giving sincere compliments is like smiling…it’s easy to do and means so much!  It shows that you SEE the other person in a beautiful light and that their efforts are recognized by you.  What a wonderful gift to give!  And what a lovely gift to receive!

Speak them, write them, text them!  Just do it!


P.S. And if you can’t say it, then write it…

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