Best Friend

Dear One,
I am Always here for you!  
You can count on ME!
With Love, xo xo
Your BFF

I made this card for today’s post because last night while I was falling asleep, I was watching a show called “I survived…” which was about 3 people who died and came back.  One of the survivors was a man who upon dying, said he saw a man who looked much like him ~ so much so that he thought it was his twin…until the man got closer and he realized it was God.  He explained that seeing God felt like being with his best friend and not what he had thought meeting GOD would be like…and as he watched all of the people that had come into his life and watched his life pass before him, he realized that his best friend had been with him all the time…and that struck a chord with me.

Having been blessed with the same best friend for more than 30 years, I can completely appreciate the beauty of having a best friend with you always…it gives me a peace within which radiates throughout my day.

By definition, a best friend is someone you trust, who loves you, who wants the best for you and for whom you’d do the same.  Honesty, affection and trust are key elements of this relationship as well as loyalty, support and a heartfelt connection.

As I’ve emphasized before, life is about connections ~ Spiritual connections, connections to Nature, Emotional connections, Physical connections and above all ~ Universal.

Making connections is key…I love the connections I’ve made thus far and I look forward to continuing to expand my connections on this amazing Journey of Endurance called LIFE!

Cheers to our connections!

Thanks KAngel!


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