The Butterfly…

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,

but rarely admit the changes it has gone through

to achieve that beauty.” Maya Angelou

My changes have been physical, mental, emotional and spiritual since I endured cancer.  I will say that I feel blessed to have endured so much in my life as it has made me change for the better, it has made me evolve into a butterfly who is trying her wings.  Like the amazing butterfly, the changes have sometimes been felt like a whooshing through life in an Indy 500 race car ~ so fast and furious that I hadn’t time to breathe or take in what had just happened.  At others, the changes have been so subtle that I barely noticed them evolving until months later when the newness emerged.

Honestly, sometimes the changes have not felt like they are for the better.  My ‘shell’ of a body has permanently changed in a way that I would not have chosen, but I have accepted and I am learning to love.  I am blessed to be loved not just for my shell which makes my life so much simpler because I am still ‘that girl’ from before ~ only wiser, more spiritual, more grateful and more loving.

Funny how there are those who only ‘see’ the shell of the person and aren’t able to look inside at the soul.  It’s that soul connection which I enjoy, that meeting of the minds, hearts and vibrations which help me to fly.   Last night I met a bunch of butterflies who, like me, are striving to grow their ‘beauty.’   What an amazing night we had sharing our goals and helping each other!   It is always such a delight for me to find special butterflies who emerge and merge into my life just at the right time.

So, acknowledge your metamorphosis and own it…

Yes, you did the work to emerge as a Butterfly!  


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