May you live all the days of your life ~ Jonathan Swift

I think that sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to live.  Does that sound strange to you?  But think about it…we breathe, we go through the motions of living, we work, we eat, we sleep, we usually do whatever needs to be done (or put it off until tomorrow)…but do we live?  Do we spend every day LIVING? Laughing? Enjoying this life that we’ve created?

If not, then consider this your wake up call please…a loving nudge and reminder to LIVE!

I can’t reiterate enough that this is Your Life…I know that for myself, I sometimes get caught up and forget that this is MY LIFE and I run around in the rat race and get so involved that I lose sight of the lessons I’ve already learned.  Sometimes the Universe will give me a bonk on the head to get me back to Zero so that I can enjoy again…and that’s ok, because it puts me back on track.

On this special Leap Year Day, the 29th of February, I want you to begin again to LIVE!  Look up to the skies, look down to the grasses (snow) underfoot and smell the air around you today…try to simply notice the little things that make your day special…the little ‘gifts’ as it were that we sometimes overlook.

And in your travels, smile…smile at LIFE today…and if you can’t find your own smile, no worries ~ I will give you one of mine!

This is a special day…take care to treat yourself special today as well and…




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