Life…musings on a Wednesday!

BAngel sent me the video below…it takes 2 minutes to watch, but as I watched it this morning, I was mesmerized…and had to share it with you.  I adore flowers, I always have.  A few times a month, I buy myself flowers because they bring me joy…they make me feel happy to look at them, to smell them and they are my little reminder that I am one of God’s children.  Often, I have told my family that upon my demise, don’t waste your money on big floral arrangements for me because I won’t be able to enjoy them when I’m dead.  So I buy them while I’m alive…when flowers are just right and I feel that pull to purchase them…

Yesterday I was in the store and saw the most perfect pink roses ever…and upon closer inspection, I saw that they were the perfect bunch that would open properly so that I could enjoy them for a week or more…and I had to have them.  So I did…I bought them, brought them home and put them in various vases to decorate our home.

My point today is that life is about the little things which make you happy…what makes you happy and puts a spring in your step?  What little changes could you make today to make your day a bit brighter?  It doesn’t have to be an expensive something, it can be your favorite latte or wearing perfume or using the ‘good china’ at dinner…life is meant to be lived and many times we scrimp and save things for later because we feel that they’re too good for the everyday…but everyday is a gift my friends…we have no certainty of the future ~ lives can change in a moment so ENJOY!  DO!  I’m not advocating going out and buying more than you can afford, but to enjoy what you have right now…give yourself a little boost today by doing something special for yourself..

Let yourself Blossom (as I said yesterday)…and tell me what you’re doing that special for you!

Clic aquí: La vida de las flores

Above says, click here ~ The life of Flowers…


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