Retreat ~Relax ~Release ~Renew ~Revive ~Repeat!

There are times that I need to relax, retreat and renew…I believe that we all have these moments where we just need to ‘be’ in order to regroup, refresh and be able to return to our daily lives in order to be the best we can be…

Life flies by so quickly and at times, we get sucked up into that vortex of busy-ness and have to’s and should do’s…and we miss out on the preciousness of life.

We need to just look up and notice life, the clouds, the sun, nature…to just take a moment to breathe, to inhale the freshness of the moment and to accept that we are here, be PRESENT with the PRESENTS of Life that we are blessed with in order to receive the gifts that we deserve.

Being PRESENT is so important and I am so grateful for all of the blessings, both big and small, that I enjoy.   So I am going on a retreat…to relax, release, renew, revive and repeat…and I will not be blogging while I go tech-less for a few days…and I will return with a renewed sense of romance, research, relaxation, revival, release…

I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day…one where you learn to love yourself and to love all those in your life.  Renew your relationships, release your frustrations, revive your romance, relax your mind, body and soul and enjoy the Presents of Presence…

We only have today…take care to enjoy it!


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