Have a Happy Day!

Have a Happy Day!

Sometimes we just need a reminder to have a Happy Day ~ so here’s your own personalized one!

Look for the little things and the big things that make you happy today.  Find the happiness inside of yourself and look to spread that happiness to others!  Haven’t you ever heard that you get what you are looking for?  So look for the good and you’ll find it!  Look for the negative, and alas, you’ll find that as well!

Of course, there are times in life that perhaps it’s harder to find the good in the day, but keep looking as it’s always there…even the fact that the sun was out today or that the rain was feeding the flowers, or that the snow was falling in such a beautiful way…or that the clouds above were dancing along making moving pictures just for you!

See?  It’s all how you look at things…which reminds me of my favorite quote by Wayne Dyer:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”

Take a moment and really digest that line…now…you CAN have a Happy Day!


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