Thinking of you!

Thinking of you!

How many times have you told someone you were just thinking of them and then you saw them or heard from them?  How many times a day do you think of someone, but because of circumstances, you don’t reach out to tell them…because you’re too busy, it’s not the right time, you know you need 20 minutes or more on the phonecall, it’s 3am and you don’t think they’d like to be awakened?

Ahhh…but there is a way you can tell them that you were thinking of them at 3am…a way in which you can tell them that they’ll appreciate…

TA DA…drumroll please…


Don’t leave your house, just turn on your computer, log onto SendOutCards and tell them…

Choose a card, write your heartfelt message and click SEND!

Within 24 hours, your card, with your THINKING OF YOU message, is on it’s way.

You didn’t leave your house, you didn’t spend 3.99 for a card you had to go out to buy, you didn’t look for a stamp, didn’t have to go to the mailbox to send it and you did it all in your pjs, at 3am!

How much easier can it be?

Best of all, you’ve made someone’s day special…because when they go out to the mailbox this week, anticipating bills and junk mail, they’ll find a special card from you in there…and unexpected loving note that says I care…I thought about you enough to take 5 precious minutes of my day to reach out and connect to you.

Do you realize what a smile that puts on someone else’s face?  Do you want to experience it for yourself?

Send me your address and I’ll send you a card ~ I’m asleep at 3am but I’ll probably be dressed in my comfy slippers in my warm house when I send your card though!

Simple pleasures…a kind word, a smile, a card just saying I’m thinking of you.

Isn’t that how you want to be remembered?

I do.


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